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Submitted by chaostheory 2162d ago | review

Fox News: Heavy Rain Review

It takes about a minute to get to the review. (Heavy Rain , PS3) -

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Blaster_Master  +   2162d ago
Heavy Rain is easily the current most best game of all time. With motion controls I expect quantum dream to even surpass the Team Ico guys.
DigitalAnalog  +   2162d ago
What FOX NEWS is reviewing games now?
You'd think the nudity would've caused a controversy segment.


End statement
chaostheory  +   2162d ago
Yeah I was really surprised when I found it, I can't wait to see what they have to say about God of War 3.

Edit: Taking a look at their site they've actually been reviewing games for a while, their first review was Crackdown. Also it seems the game reviewers that work for Fox aren't representative of the network as a whole, they seem more laid back about the violence and nudity then a lot of the people who work there.
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drdistracto707  +   2162d ago
Fox news has ruined politics
Fox news has ruined television

what the hell is Fox news doing reviewing a videogame?
thornh  +   2162d ago
and the democrats are ruining a once great country. what's your point?

on topic. fox, as well as cnn, msnbc, etc. occasionally review some of the bigger releases. nothing new about that.
RagTagBnd445  +   2162d ago
I was actually positively surprised about that review, something i would not expect from Fox News.

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