Looking to buy GOW3/FFXIII but don't have the Money?

Gamestop USA is here to save the day!

Gamestop (USA) is offering 40$ off of God Of war 3 & Final Fantasy 13, When you trade in 2 of the following games...

Also, On Top of that, There "Power Trade" promo gives you an extra 20% Credit when planning to Trade any games towards the pre-order or purchase of God of War III, Final Fantasy XIII, Splinter Cell: Conviction: Battlefield Bad Company 2, Red Dead Redemption or Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver!

There big promo, that is only up for 3 more days, the "50% Bonus On All Games Traded" sounds really appealing.

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SupeerSteebbi3137d ago

HOLY SH#T 40% OFF!!!!!

Too bad i already pre-ordered the game(GOWIII)

xTruthx3137d ago

lol 2 games? this guys must be high. We pay 65+ bucks for most of those games listed on those 3 list's. Who would trade(example) heavy rain and COD:MW2 for 40 bucks lol ? they are giving us 20 bucks for each and reselling them as used for 55 bucks, thats ridiculous. I hope no gamers fall for it

Blaster_Master3137d ago

I already preorded, but I definitely took advantage of the deal and traded in both versions of MW2 and Mass Effect 2.

TheHater3137d ago

Glad I am not the only person to realize this scam.

NateNater3137d ago

Well I traded in MW2 a long time ago and got $40 for it so I thought it was a pretty good trade. I didn't like MW2 that much anyway.

Millah3137d ago

Yea, but if you look through the entire list, you'll actually find some older crap games in there. Wii games too, which are only 50. There is Mario Galaxy and Smash bros brawl in the list, so getting 40 bucks for those two games, which are like 2 years old, is actually a pretty good deal. I'm gonna be trading those two in for GOW3.

XDF3137d ago

I don't think they take Pirated PC versions of ME2 and Modern Warefare 2. Your MW2 for PS3 will not do the job.

I also don't see any singstar titles or Afrika on the list. So you are out of luck pal.

Exquisik3137d ago

If you have MW2 for the PS3, you can trade it in to for $39 (It was $42 not long ago) with free shipping! And with GoW III being sold for only $56.99 with free shipping and no tax (except NY), you're basically only paying $17 for GoW III. Or you can use the credits for something else and not just video games. Much better than the Gamestop deal!

I just hope that more people are informed about Amazon trade in and doesn't get scammed by Gamestop.

WildArmed3137d ago

I'm in.
Trading in UDF and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm..
Not bcoz I think they are not great games, I loved both of them..
But... now it's time to move on.. With Uncharted 2 and Ninja Storm 2 coming soon.. I'll never forgets joo

Lionsguard3137d ago

got $40 for my mw2 at gamestop as well.

bruddahmanmatt3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Seriously GTFO. Everyone knows Gamestop is a rip when it comes to trades, not to mention they take new games out of their cases. Lame sauce. Both GOW3 and FFXIII are single player games. As awesome as they both are, if you don't have the cash for them you can always pick them up at a later date and not have to worry about missing out on anything as you would with an online game which changes over time depending on the strength of the community. Yeah fine you'll have to dodge spoilers for a few months, but what happens when GT5 and SOCOM 4 drop in the fall? Trade in GOW3 and FFXIII to get ripped off again? Honestly if you trade in games, you're better off just renting on a regular basis. I'm always amused at folks on my friends list who cry about not being able to play a six month old game with us because they traded it in for the latest fad. Oops.

gta28003137d ago

I stopped trading games since last gen. I only used to trade or sell my games at my local flea market. I got way more than what gamestop offered. I would usually get around 30 to 35 cash, for a new PS2 release. I could then buy a brand new game from that vendor for 40 to 45 bucks, which isn't that bad. On top of that I would bargain with the man. The only times I traded games at gamestop was when I wanted a game day one cause the flea market vendor wouldn't have games that fast and he was only available on the weekend and game releases are on the weekdays. But this gen I just wanted to build a collection. So I don't trade my games anymore. I think I have about 30 PS3 games.

dougr3137d ago

$40 off could just sell those exact same games on ebay and depending on which you are selling you could easily make $70+. I love how they try to sugar-coat crappy deals though!

Prototype3137d ago

All they do is give you what's ocnsidered "tolerable" trade in credit. This is the big reason why I stopped going into Game Stop (outside stupid employees) because they make it sound like your getting such a big deal for games they will later re-sell.

I'll be damned to trade with them again especially when there's other ways to get equal if not more for your games that doesn't involve them.

Wh15ky3137d ago

I recently traded in MW2 at Gamestation (in UK) and got £30 off of BFBC2 (full price £39.99), now that's what I call a good deal especially considering I bought MW2 for £32 back in November.

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NateNater3137d ago

This is how I decided to get my copy. I traded in MW2 at GameStop and put the $40 in credit they gave me towards GoW3. Now I only have to pay $20 for GoW3 tomorrow night and I got rid of a crappy game :)

wiggles3137d ago

Ditto!...Lol it may not exactly be worth it to us...but it's pretty much the best thing we can get out of ebgames in terms of a sale

Trixzter73137d ago

Ha, lucky me I'm trading in two games that mean nothing to me anymore, Karaoke Revolution: AI and Mario & Sonic at Olympic Games.

NateNater3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

That's a good trade. 2 ok games for an epic game. Nice!

TheColbertinator3137d ago

I have both Naruto Ninja Storm and Uncharted 1.Perhaps I'll trade in the two for GOW3

spektical3137d ago

i'd do it.

40$ for two old games. Thats a pretty good deal. Good games lose less value per month than cars once they leave the dealer.

WildArmed3137d ago

Yeah i'm turnin in the same deal.

I'll miss them :(
But I have UNcharted 2 to make up for UDF.
And I"ll buy ninja storm's sequel to make up for this... act of evil.

Irnbruguy3137d ago

Game and Gamestation do this alot in the UK already anyway..
Don't see why this is big news..

NateNater3137d ago

They do it a lot in the UK? Well they sure don't in the US! That's why its big news.

butterfinger3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

They do this for EVERY major release in the US. This is not big news, it's not exciting, and it's definitely not new. They even did this crap for Army of Two: The 40th Day. Maybe you should check out GameStop's trade-in offers section on their website from time to time if you think this is so amazing. Personally, I think you'd be an idiot to do this. Also, keep in mind that this is for Final Fantasy XIII OR God of War III, AND they are select games that you may trade in ONLY (higher value games). So, you would have to trade in 4 games and pay them $40 (plus tax) to take advantage of this "deal".

NateNater3137d ago

I don't see the problem with trading in 4 old/crappy games that you don't play anymore to get a discount on two new games. Call me an idiot but it's a good deal IMHO.

butterfinger3137d ago

You clearly haven't been paying attention, so maybe you should be shopping at GameStop. lol. They aren't going to take "4 old crappy games", they have a specific list of titles that are along the lines of Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, Modern Warfare 2, Bioshock 2, Assassin's Creed 2, etc.

NateNater3136d ago

Yea, I am paying attention. It's not like the games you mentioned are the only games on the list. They're not forcing you to trade in those specific games. There are plenty of other games on the list that could be a good trade. For example, Avatar: The Game, Spongebob: Truth or Square, Tony Hawk: Ride, The Price is Right.

Now those are games that you could find cheap in the bargain bin somewhere and then trade in for a good deal. Get it?

butterfinger3136d ago

even more ridiculous. So, I am supposed to go out and buy cheap crappy games and trade them in on this deal immediately? BTW, it's still hard to find copies of those games you listed for less than $20 (even used copies). Only an absolute moron would go out and buy 2 of those games and trade them in instead of just paying the full $60. I guess that means you should go for it, though.

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