Call of Duty "Action Adventure": Could A Genre Swap Destroy The Franchise?

Daily Informer Writes "Every game in the CoD franchise has been a first person shooter and together with the Halo franchise has helped propel the FPS genre to new heights of popularity. This recognition as a pioneering FPS is why fans are uneasy about a new CoD game in a different genre. To them, CoD games should remain FPS's, now let's look at some other game franchises that made the jump to another genre and see how well they did."

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dangert122992d ago

from what i've seen have ott action/fighten in them how can you do thatwith activision stupid? do the think i will buy a game cause it says COD FOOLS!!! well i ont buy there games anymore but a lil help and advice for them

This action adventure game create a new ip and work your sox of making it as good as possible then im sure you will see figures you wont.your not going to sell crazy mad mw2 sales with a cod that is half arsed and in a new genre people like new things =) i feel like i shouldt of said that and left them 2 flop...

Kratos Spartan2992d ago

It doesn't have to be a call of duty

2992d ago
Dellis2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Its actually a good idea, this is no better then


The brand is what matters here

electricshadow2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Meh, who cares? MW2 was the last Call of Duty game I will ever play. So, go ahead. The franchise has been going down since WaW.