Microsoft Patents Method of Automating DLC Purchases

Broke My Controller Writes:

You're on Xbox LIVE and a friend asks you to join in for some Modern Warfare multiplayer. Unfortunately, you never purchased the new map pack DLC. A recently published patent application by Microsoft shows off an automated system for purchasing DLC through a prompt that comes up as you accept an invite that requires content you don't have.

According to the patent, you will remain partied up, and rather than having to go to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, you will be given the option to purchase and install the content automatically.

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PirateThom3201d ago

Aren't there games that do this already?

poindat3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Fred: Dino, do you have General Knoxx's Armory so we can play together?

Dino: No Fred, but I'm downloading it right now using the new automated system! You're just going to have to wait an hour and a half.

Fred: F*ck off.

3201d ago
JasonXE3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Downloading and installing isn't as stupid slow as on the ps3.

WhittO3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

lol PS3 isn't slow, I get on average 3 mbps, not bad for a free service.

And installing 100mb worth of data takes under 30 seconds.

The only thing I hate and dont understand is why do we still need to install demos, cant they just upload them in a format that doesnt need to be installed ? Its not like they have been compacted because the download size is the same as the installed size.

BulletToothtony3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

spoken like a true fanboy.. neither you have a ps3 nor the ability to come up with something creative to talk about..

my download speeds are 2-3mbps on psn.. find something better to troll about.. oh wait there's nothing that that 360 does better anymore.. not games.. not graphics.. not sound not online service.. so gtfo and get some new material for goodness sakes

heroicjanitor3201d ago

And I download over a MB per second, takes about 15 minutes to download 1GB

JasonXE3201d ago

psn id: jason-xe Add me if you want and im not jason360. Just because we have the same first name doesn't mean we are the same people. I guess that's your attempt to be clever. If you haven't notice i was replying to 1.1. Downloading may not take long but then installing it afterward is a nuisance that I hate and can sometimes take awhile depending on the content.

ARBitrator3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

ANd jason is right, the PS3 download "AND" install system is far slower than that of the 360.

And this patent is nor more stupid than apple being able to patent the act of touching a touch screen.

@cliff below, please, enough with the ignorant conspiracy theories. Find something worth worrying about.

Close_Second3201d ago

This probably fits in perfectly with CAPCOM as most of their DLC is already on the disc.


I don't know Pirate Thom are there? Anyway I think its a good idea. Its happened to me on a few occasions...

Ju3201d ago

I don't know. But UC2 prompted me just recently that some people I play with have maps I don't have and offered me - in game - to purchase and download them, which then, again, brought me right into PSN to buy those maps directly from the game. ... So, this must be something different then.

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cliffbo3201d ago

another monopolising patent

Godmars2903201d ago

More like an overly simplified method to drain a wallet. If you have a credit card connected to your XBL account.

darkequitus3201d ago

@OP, so why did you not file it and cream M$ when used it - i.e. patent troll. If you have a problem company filing patents, go to an open source forum a worry about GNU/Linux

JoelR3201d ago

Business Process Patents...
they should be banned... oh wait they are supposed to be banned!

VINNIEPAZ3201d ago

Pretty handy. Saves time searching

VINNIEPAZ3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Yes Godmars290, how dare they make it easier to find stuff to download. We should have to search hard for our stuff.

And yes I payed $600 for a PS3 and have 2 PSPs, but yea I hate Sony right? Stupid fanboy

Godmars2903201d ago

Talking about exploiting the gaming community, impulse buying, to generate money. By making it "easy and convenient" to do something like this during the heat of the moment while playing with other people, this is exactly what MS is doing.

If the general gaming community wasn't so polarized with many seeing comments like this as a stealth troll instead of the observation and warning it is, well, a lot of people would see it as just that.

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ZombieNinjaPanda3201d ago

So you would have to have a credit card tied to your Xbox Live account 24/7? Or you would have to have points on there all the time?

Vespertine3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

When you link your credit card to your Xbox Live account, it stays there for future purchases.

As for points, they also stay there until you use them. You have the choice to use Microsoft points or actual money from your credit card.

Although at any time, you can hit the guide button and add money to your account (Microsoft points or dollars).

KwietStorm3201d ago

Why do you ask like that would be such an odd thing to do?

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