GDC 2010: Comedy in Games with Tim Schafer

The final day of GDC closed out with some strong panels, but there's no way I would've passed up on a chance to listen to Tim Schafer talk about comedy writing in games. In a panel comprised of not only Doublefine's founder, but also Rhianna Pratchett (daughter of Terry Pratchett and writer for the Overlord games) and Sean Vanaman (writer and designer for Telltale Games, particularly Tales of Monkey Island), the panel talked about the hard parts of injecting humor in games.

One of the more interesting points the panel raised involved whether or not comedy should be its own genre in games. Rhianna said, "I don't think comedy games need a genre or should be a genre. I think comedy is just a very improtant tool in writing." A sentiment seconded by Sean. But Tim defended the idea, saying, "I think it's useful having a comedy genre. Like watching a comedy movie, you know it's going to be funny."

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Slasher2928d ago

Where do I hide my babies!?

FragGen2925d ago

Hopefully Tim attended the "How to design games that live up to their promise" seminar while he was there. Brutal Legend was ultra mediocre.

Valay2928d ago

Gotta love Tim Schafer.

StillGray2928d ago

Tim needs to make another Monkey Island.

gameseveryday2928d ago

Sorry but who is Tim Schafer?

StillGray2928d ago

The guy who made Brutal Legend and Psychonauts.