No More Heroes 3 a possibility, says Suda 51

Remember No More Heroes creator Suda 51 dropping the bombshell that NMH2 would be the end of Travis Touchdown? Well, that may not necessarily be the case after all...

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Cold 20002925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Bring it to the 360!!! One of the few Wii games I would like to play.

Ninji2924d ago

Hardly anyone would buy it on the 360 anyways.

Cold 20002924d ago

I would buy it, and thats pretty much all that counts lol.

SOAD2924d ago

Ninji, your argument doesn't hold much water. Who cares if few people would buy it? It means nothing. If it did, then you should ask why most of Sony's developers continue to develop for the PS3.

dgroundwater2925d ago

This is just an excerpt from an interview from a couple days ago. I wonder if it will be kept a "Wii 2" exclusive if it does happen.

tunaks12924d ago

he already said he wants to continue the series and he hinted at launching it with the "Wii 2"

Vizion262923d ago

If he does make it please have it use Motion+. The button smashing is old.

theunknown2920d ago

How does the ending not indicate a sequel?