Which Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Starter is Right For You?

Diehard GameFAN writes, "Like with any of the core Pokemon games, Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver offers you a choice of three Starter Pokemon. There is Chikorita, the Grass Type, Cyndaquil, the Fire Type and Totodile, the Water type. Now back in 2000-01, I chose Totodile first for Gold because I thought he was the cutest and I liked his Donald Duck voice in the anime. I chose Cyndaquil next for Silver because I wanted a strong Fire Pokemon and by that time I knew Cyndaquil had the highest stat total of all seven starters in the first two generations (This has since changed). For Pokemon Crystal, I took Chikorita because well, that was what was left. However, in using all three I discovered each Pokemon had their own benefits and drawbacks besides their particular types, With the release of Heart Gold and Soul Silver, you're going to have to choose one of these three again, so here's a little primer for what is in store for you depending on which you take."

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kesvalk3195d ago

well, i almost never use my starter pokemon... in ruby i had a poochyena as main, in firered was a pidgey and in plat it was a shinx...

but i remember playing through red only with my charizard and silver with only my thyplosion...

thinking in get a pidgey again in HG, and switch to a sandshrew after i get one...