The Koalition: God Of War III Review

Gary A Swaby of writes: Returning with a heart full of rage, Kratos's story begins where it left off at the end of God of War II. Standing within the forrest that consumes the body of the giant titan known as Gaia. Together they have one common goal, which is the sole purpose for their alliance. That goal is to wage war upon the gods of Olympus. A goal that will send Kratos on another blood filled quest, that will not end until he has satisfied his need to slaughter his father Zeus.

upon slotting God of War III into your Playstation 3 and proceeding to start the game, you will be blown away to the furthest degree. The opening half an hour of the game is full of nothing but fast frantic action, with killer presentation. Your jaw will literally drop as you begin Kratos's journey exactly from the point you left off in God of War II. After the first half an hour, the platforming elements begin to kick in, bringing the pace of the game down a notch. This is what we have come expect from a God of War game how ever, so it is nothing that will be off putting. Basically you'll go from fast frantic action, to platforming, to puzzling gameplay. Which is not a bad mix of elements at all, especially considering the way Sony Santa Monica have crafted it.

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Bereaver3137d ago

I think my head just exploded.

I'm not a huge southpark fan, but do you remember when cartman asked something like..... "Is it possible to see something so funny that it could ruin your sense of humor forever?"



I'll never be the same.

rockleex3136d ago

God of War 3 might ruin it for a year!

Seriously, I was expecting MW2 to put up at least a decent fight against Uncharted 2's singleplayer... but MW2 got knocked the fvck out instead!

x5exotic3137d ago

haha yea Cartman is the god of epicness as well

bjornbear3137d ago


i think thats why you got a PS3 eh? ;)

JonnyBigBoss3136d ago

Great review Koalition. I really liked the review.