Gran Turismo 5 works with PS3 Move

CVG: Sony's official US PlayStation Move site has revealed that both Gran Turismo 5 and Disney's Split/Second will work with the motion sensing device.

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Sheikh Yerbouti3170d ago

but I'm not sure how it will work with the wand, or why it should even have it. If they can bring it to ModNation, they should bring it to Heavy Rain.

C'mon Sony.

EvilBlackCat3169d ago

i cant wait to read comments like "Oh this in GT5 is going to be the sh1t" about this. I remember that a loooooooooooooooot of ignorants fanboys criticize Burnout NATAL presentation.

Rhythmattic3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Surely this would only work as a passenger that hi jacks a car, Points the MOVE to driver and say's "follow that car !!"

EDIT: I still reckon ORB is a better name. For the Nunchuck thingy, ORBe 1

Jinxstar3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )


The burnout Natal presentation was knocked for a few reasons.

1. They all head red jumpsuits on. Why? Could the camera not see them otherwise?

2. Think about your 360 controller black cat. You know that right trigger that you can pull slightly or a lot? Well if you pull it back about 1/8th of an inch you will give your car a little gas where as if you pull your finger back another 1/8th of an inch you will give it full gas and variations in between. Now do you truly think a camera that is under 100$ is going to be able to recognize that difference in your foot movement? Are you really going to hop from foot to foot switching reverse and drive to enjoy a racing game or would you rather be sitting? Either way lifting your feet like that for a racing game would get old... I doubt there would be any way for it to see "A little gas" or "A lotta gas"

3. Natal has 100+ms of lag PS move has 1 frame.

4. PS move has already demonstrated using pre alpha games that it is incredibly precise and responsive. While natal can't even properly show the bottom of an avatars shoe.

5. For people who can't afford a 1000$ steering wheel and want to try it this way. Thats a win for them... Why are you knocking this? It's a great "Option"... Same as 3d or anything else? How do you find ways to troll this all the time black cat?

6. I tell you what. You try forza with natal for an hour then you try GT5 w/move for an hour. Or heck give any number of unbiased gamers an hour with each and I guarantee you they will take GT5 as the better choice... Go ahead and troll and disagree all you want. You truly don't have an argument here though...

Edit: Personally I don't care about motion but really man. We saw the natal burnout demo and anyone would have been like "Really?..." but you have yet to see GT5 so don't knock it yet. I was actually surprised at how well it worked with socom. Not that I would ever do that but they proved it's do able. Where as natal HAS NOT!

Edit 2: Kinda just realized that was a waste of time as you have no bubs to reply with... Oh well hope you enjoyed my read black cat...

raztad3169d ago


So far this motion control stuff has been meh for me but this quote is getting me interested:

"I've spoken to the SOCOM team and they've had troubles because the motion control people sometimes really kick the ass of the DualShock people. It's unfair," he says. "They're having balancing issues and stuff. Some people are really good with the motion controller and some people are really good with the DualShock. Some players work better on some devices and that's cool."


Starcraft (RTS) was played with PS Move. Thats quite promising.

Jinxstar3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

I heard that raz and made a comment on that yesterday(Starcraft that is) but then the article got deleted for being a double post. Socom looks very very promising and really... I said it the other day somewhere. I remember being a kid and wishing for VR simulators. I wanted to be wolverine running around the danger room climbing walls with my claws and slicing things in half... This is the first step and one day they truly will get rid of controllers but... The thing is hollywood uses motion capture and thats kinda what natal tries to do and move tries to do on a very low end level. Hollywood they have blue screens and sensors and 10 cameras all filming at once to get motion right. I doubt either Sony or MS's solutions will truly work as well as the goal here. They are both a huge step in teh right direction though and of the 2 I feel sony's is much better...

I mean it is a light sensor for recognizing. I feel they could do the minority report dream. Make a glove like Norman Jaydens(FBI guy from HR for those who don't know) with a few lights on it and sony's 3D TV and imagine how heavy rain could have felt =D Your own personal ARI system eh? All of Normans parts in HR would have been super super sweet instead of just sweet =D I think with whats out now and coming it's very doable but I seriously doubt the Natal could handle that...

Anyway here is my post from yesterday. And really it's not that I doubt it. Starcraft could work casually as I said but high end competition wise... not really...

sikbeta3169d ago


G25 > Dualshock > PS-Motion-controller


Will be Cool [kind of] for people that don't want to buy a Racing Wheel, I'm all for the DS3 cuz when you use the Wheel you simply can't go Back to the Normal Controller, sounds weird but I know what I'm Doing lol

topdawg1223169d ago

I hope this isn't why it's been delayed so long. Well I know the creator of GT5 wants perfection and I don't think he would release it with PS Move unless it genuinely worked very well.

Microsoft Xbox 3603169d ago

All I need from motion controls are head tracking. The actual Move device I don't care about when it comes to GT5.

Blaster_Master3169d ago

I cant wait to play a game like GTA on the ps3 using the psmotion.

Wass3169d ago

GT5 is going to support:

SingStar Microphones

Blu-ray Remote:

Vertical Stand:

How awesome is that!
Seriously, i realy doubt GT5 will support Move, for the sake of hardcore fans.

R6ex3169d ago

Gimme racing bikes in GT5 + MOVE!

AznSniper3169d ago

Debunk this rumor already.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )


Natal videos, didn't show anything solid to feel proud. If I am incorrect, then show me a video with a solid Gameplay.

No wonder, you don't have any solid gameplay.
More than 40 Users ignore you. And you feel proud to talk about Natal.

Sevir043169d ago

for one i've got my left hand holding on move for steering and the other for changing gears the PS eye tracking both moves position making sharp turns with the left and braking with the right while holding that button.. whats even better when i want to drift just kinda break and turn... with all that going on the immersive feel of the GODLY graphics blazing 60fps at 1080p in both eyes being delivered in 3d and to top it all of both the MOVE Controllers vibrate... Damn that has me drooling. i cant wait. if PD implements everything i say and more with such intuitive controls for MOVE on GT5 then i'm gonna go nuts... I cant afford a steering wheel but man this would be a great and awesome alternative option...

GT5 + 3d + MOVE = Definitive on a scale only other sims could dream about in a nightmare.

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terrorofdeath3170d ago

Explains the delay. Come on Sony, I need GT5!

NateNater3169d ago

Perfection takes time. I'm sure it will be released sometime this year though.

PirateThom3170d ago

I'm wondering how this would work, though.

I wonder if they're lumping Move/PS Eye games in at once and it will only be headtracking with the Eye because if you check the PS Eye games, it's the same list with the Controller and Sub Controller (even though some of those games definitely don't use the sub controller).

Basically, I doubt it uses the controller as much as the Eye.

Godmars2903169d ago

Its "working" because since Move came be put into any game, Sony is putting it into every game. It can be used or ignored. Meanwhile Sony gets to figure out the balance of which games it would be best suited for.

Think of it as over compensation for not including analog control in Lair in the first place.

PirateThom3169d ago

I don't doubt it can be put into every game, but putting it into a sim racer seems completely pointless, ModNation Racers? Yep. Motorstorm? Could work. WipEout? Almost certainly usable on the lower speeds. Gran Turismo? Pointless.

Like I said, I'm fairly certain it will only use the camera, not the actual controller and Sony will use it as a reason to, at least, buy a PS Eye (but lump anything that supports Eye in with the rest of the games). There's no reason to use motion controls here and it doesn't fit.

kneon3170d ago

Why is this any better than just using the dualshock motion sensor? I don't see how the position of the wand will have any use in controlling the game, it will likely just be the orientation, just like in Mario Kart. And the design of the wand doesn't look like it would work as well if you wanted to embed it in a wheel like in Mario Kart. They would be better off releasing a dedicated racing wheel.

MAG_SVER3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Yo did you notice in video 1 it was like kinda PALE on the 360, but in video 2 when they switched over to PS3 at about 1:30 in video some guy asked what system is this on & the host said PS3. Even the person who asked the question noticed the difference or else they wouldn't have asked what system video 2 was on. Now move onto video 3 where he shows the water effect, at 2:57 the host himself was like sh!t this looks weird on the 360.

PS3 FTW!!!!

Kevin Butler..VP of FPS
PS3 Lead Platform!!!

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