Whats the Plan for Mass Effect 3?

BioWare's Christina Norman gives us an interesting look at the way Mass Effect feedback influenced Mass Effect 2 and how it will influence Mass Effect 3.

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foxtheory2870d ago

I felt that the depth of abilities were too shallow, whereas in ME1 you had a whole big list of abilities. I think Bio focused a little too much on the combat this time around. Hopefully ME3 will combine the great combat from ME2 and the better RPG elements of ME1.

Aaroncls72870d ago

They are a pretty capable team, I'm pretty sure they can do another masterpiece. Still, I don't even want to even think about ME3, I just want to play it.

Let the creators do the creating.

Rush2869d ago

I wouldn't worry much I don't think it's possible for BioWare to make a bad game, EA seems to have an eye for snatching up talent lately. I mean they own Valve and BioWare 2 of the best developers on the planet.

foxtheory2869d ago

Yeah, everything Bioware does is spot on. Dragon Age and Mass Effect (1 and 2) were some of, if not the best, RPG's I've played in awhile. And another thing they do really well: learning and improving. All the flaws in ME1 were fixed in ME2, and there wasn't much to fix in the first palce. And as far as improving goes, the combat was a HUGE step up. They know their stuff, that's for sure.

Bigpappy2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

WOW! What a game. Everything I did seemed like it was my choice (even the ending). I loved my ending by the way. The other choice was not a choice for me because of how I played the game and what I stood for. I loved every thing about this game. The things I did in the first game were reflected very well in this game. I lost 2, but I am comfortable with my choices. I plan on replaying in the summer after AW and SC. Now if I could only get a release date for Elder Scrolls 5 from Bethesda.

WildArmed2869d ago

While I loved ME2, It was hell of a ride.

They definitely lessed the RPG aspect though. A sacrifice I wasn't willing to make.

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CAPT IRISH2870d ago

I wanna keep the same team

Baka-akaB2870d ago

no we need access to both teams from me1 and me2 and new characters instead

RagTagBnd4452870d ago

I like she actually admits they may have made some mistakes, i think Mass Effect 3 is going to be completely jaw dropping and stunning.

theIMP2869d ago

Hell yea, just like 1 and 2.

2868d ago
Midgard2282870d ago

the plan for mass effect 3 is gonna be 80$ worth of dlc on launch day, to continue bioware tradition......just kiddin guys calm down lol :)

GameOn2870d ago

I guess you didnt hear about the free content foe ME2.

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