I-Play: Watching and Being

Mat Growcott of Nonsense Gamer writes:

'There are a couple of things that a game like Heavy Rain does to you.

Number 1: They've captured life surprising well. At first I found the arrows and button indications quite distracting. I felt that the beautiful graphics were let down by those big markings everywhere.

And then I started seeing them as I was waiting to catch the bus and realised that, actually, they're more natural than you think.

That's right, you know you've played games for too long when you start imagining that someone could actually use a PS3 remote to control you and it could work quite well.

It only does everything.

The second thing that Heavy Rain did to me was make me consider how it had closed the gap between being involved in something and just watching it.'

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Charcus3170d ago

I love it. Even though thought of American Idol:Rock Band gives me shivers. eurghh....

nix3169d ago

ha ha... until all these pew pew kids grow up it'll be games like MW2. maybe games like HR will be accepted as the current gen grows up. much like "baby boomers" scenario. as these kids grow up, becomes mature, they'll start appreciating 'interactive dramas' more.

thankfully, there are quite a large number of mature gamers out there. no wonder HR managed to sell well.