Here We Go Again- Insomniac Response To Multiplatform Rumors

Insomniac community manager jstevenson , responded to IGN rumor of going multi-platform

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halojunkie3195d ago

Well guys, Ted has spoken so you have that.

But c'mon, didn't we just deal with this rumor like two months ago? And a few months before that? And so on?

N4PS3G3195d ago

You are making it sound like Ted flat out denied the rumor...and he didn't.. do you know what Ted said?

" Insomniac Games' president Ted Price said only that the developer does not comment on rumors and speculation. "

LordMarius3195d ago

good to know?
insomniac has yet to wow me with one of their games, so either way idc

Simon_Brezhnev3195d ago

lmao now where are the fanboys now

pixelsword3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Jstevenson, community manager from Insomniac Games reply to the multiplatform rumors in Neogaf :

Well guys, Ted has spoken so you have that.
But c'mon, didn't we just deal with this rumor like two months ago? And a few months before that? And so on?

rroded3195d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

they make great games but their sales have been sorta luke warm lately.
both the rc games on ps3 look amazing seriously pixar quality
the resistance series is one of the most solid fps games ever n they were the first to offer a massive 64 player online experience. Tho it wasnt perfect it still is a good game...

personally i think they'd do well on any platform the only reason they are ps3 exclusive is that they want to tap the most powerful console on the market and to b loyal to their ps2 fanbase. Still all that greens gotta b tempting.

HolyOrangeCows3194d ago

This isn't the first time they have said that they don't respond to rumors and it, of course, wasn't at all true.

Commander TK3194d ago

best developers this gen. How their games get overshadowed is just beyond me

morganfell3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Why such people continue to promote these rumors is beyond common reason...which it seems is not all that common for some.

This is hilarious because when Insomniac says they do not comment on rumors they are one of the few companies that mean "WE DO NOT COMMENT ON RUMORS" then they are forced by the relentless idiocy of some to explain in layman's terms what that means.

gta28003194d ago

I love when something PS3 related going to 360 rumors like this come up. When the rumor seems like a possibility we get to see the 360 fan boys momentarily come out of the closet and show how much they want something PS3 related. The moment the rumor gets debunked, back to their closet they go and back to denial haha.

thief3194d ago

After Insomniac announced going multiplatform, Edge announced they were raising their scored for resistance and Ratchet to 10/10 in line with review policy, as these games no longer qualify for the 3 points knockdown for being made by a PS3 exclusive developer.

All Insomniac scores made from 2011 onwards score 5 points higher on Metacritic despite a steep drop in quality and graphics from being shoehorned into the inferior 360 platform

When asked about this, Ted Price says "No comments, you biased MS-loving £@$# wankers"

sikbeta3194d ago

Well, the Rumour End up like the other Rumour Before this one and the other and....

sid4gamerfreak3194d ago

And MASS Effect 3 is not coming to PS3. Nor are many of the games the ps3 fanboys dream and articulate about from the 360.

Insomaniac is not going mutiplatform. Just like how Bungie will also not go multiplatform.

U see what i did there..

Parapraxis3194d ago, not really.
Was it meant to be clever?

mastiffchild3194d ago

Sid, don't be silly. Nothing about Insomniac has changed. they were always independent and CHOSE to work just with Sony. bungie, on thew other hand, just bought their own independence back from MS so , naturally people were bound to wonder why and if it meant they would be making multiplatform games. I think it's pretty clear why the Bungie rumour arrived(and obviously, that is when we got to hear that MS still gets first refusal on their new ideas, no?)but now both have been dealt with for now all the rubbish should stop. However, it's clear why Bungie got asked(after all it's the obvious thought that if they wanted to just make games for 360 why buy themselves out?)but it's not clear why Insomniac should and even less why they should now rather than at any other time in their Sony existence-and why it should again mere weeks after TP dealing with it smacks of someone being cheeky.

Either could go multiplat, should they wish, but both say they aren't atm yet we still don't know just why Bungie bothered with gaining their own independence back just yet. Maybe both will go multi next gen but right now there's no visible chance of a change.

Another thing-why on earth didn't Gabe and Valve deal with these questions in the same, honourable and professional way as both Insom and Bungie instead of being really offensive. As my favourite PC dev I really wish Valve/Gabe/Chet had used some of the polite humility of Bungie/Insomniac when dealing with questions of platforms for their games.

Also ME1,2 were a bone of contention because of many things:EA's involvement and LOVE of the PS3, unclear and mixed messages from higher ups at B/ware and the odd inclusion of PS3 code in PC/360 versions of ME2 which can't be explained as engine attributes when there were ME centric words in said code lines. It's been a fair rumour, whether you think so, or not, imo.

SoapShoes3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

From Insomniac's very own website;
"Sony Computer Entertainment publishes for us exclusively, so there are no Insomniac Games video games for the PC or consoles other than the PlayStation One, PS2 or PS3."

Anyone remember that "rumor" that kept coming up month after month about Metal Gear Solid 4 going to "another console"? How's that one working out for ya?

Insomniac has been constantly shooting down this rumor throughout this gen. Most recent articles I remember reading stated that they were sticking with the PS3 this gen, that they didn't have the setup/structure to handle multiplatform development and that they finally got the PS3 stuff down pat and could now do 'tricks'.

Insomniac has said they're fine where they're at. Sony allows them to be creative and have a lot of freedom with their projects and they've got a nice standing on the PS3 with their releases and with Sony's backing.

goflyakite3194d ago

From the first article.

happyface: "ugh, this is really going to hurt Sony"

JokesOnYou: "My guess is Resistance and Ratchet and Clank, haven't made them enough $$$ on the ps3, times are tight and looking at the 360's advantage in software sales month after month they probably would love a piece of that 360 pie. Just business."

socomnick: deleted by mod

And many more.

This one is good though, from someone intelligent.

HolyOrangeCows: "'Insomniac Games is going multiplat' rumor #86578657 has GOT to be true."

Blaster_Master3194d ago

"personally i think they'd do well on any platform the only reason they are ps3 exclusive is that they want to tap the most powerful console on the market and to b loyal to their ps2 fanbase."

I remember reading a gameinformer mag with an Interview with Ted Price, and he said almost those exact words. If I remember correctly he stated that he wouldn't say he wouldn't make games on other platforms. He just said that he considers his team rated #1 employer and has high expectations from his team, and that he considers themselves masters of the best tech out, and that just so happens to be the ps3. Yes, that pretty much sums up everything.

Blaze9293194d ago

rumor came from IGN of all people and Insomniac didn't just flat out say "no" so my guess is that it's true.

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jeseth3194d ago

1)Resistance 3 and the next R&C will both be 3 discs for 360.

2)Instead of 30 vs. 30 (Resistance 2), Resistance 3 will be limited to 9 vs. 9 during multiplayer matches.

3) The graphics will go backwards and be limited to less than 720p.


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A change in the wind3195d ago

It doesn`t matter to me either way. The amount of exclusives they have given me on the PS3, is almost the size of the entire 360 exclusive list.

ps3hasonlyflopgames3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

the all games of insoniac floped in ps3.

resistence 2= floped only 1.0 m sales

ratchet clac= 500k only.

if going multiplat improves the quality in 360 of their games instead of decreasing it in p3.. ;)

nice move of insoniac ;)

more persons for play your games and more sales.

spektical3194d ago

only a bot would say that

Resistance 2 is going to sell 2mill

The Ratchet & Clank : Future series progressive sell more in there lifetime. see ToD.

halojunkie3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

they will never ever make a game for 360. sony bought the company, sony pays them.

Brklynty13195d ago

Sony does not own Insomniac. They are just one of Sonys 2nd party developers. Insomniac already stated they don't want to be bought out, but they stick close to Sony. However should Insomniac go multiplatform, Sony owns Resistance and R&C, so basically, Sony wouldn't care much.

ReBurn3194d ago

Sony does not own Insomniac. Sony funds the development of the studio's games, making them second-party. There's nothing stopping the studio from producing games for other consoles. I doubt that legally we would see any of the Sony-exclusive titles go to other platforms. But I doubt there's anything preventing Insomniac from making a new IP for some other platform.

BrianC62343195d ago

I have to laugh at James Stevenson's comment on Neogaf. He's acting like these rumors are silly and need to stop. But I remmeber him posting a comment a few months ago that made it seem possible Insomniac could go multiplatform. He never should have said it. That's probably what got the rumors all started.