Q4 Release for Mafia II (re)confirmed;"Panye, Noir, Civ V Still On The List

Earlier this month, Take-Two announced the potential movement of one of the titles planned for release in its fiscal fourth quarter, extending from August to October.

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Eric Cartman3196d ago

Really interested in what this game has to offer. By the looks of it, it looks like a fantastic game.

WildArmed3196d ago

Mafia was an excellent game.
I only expect more form the sequel.
I'm leaning towards the PC experience for this one, since I had Mafia on PC too.

But if the console version is on par, then it dependents if MP is in there..
(unless they already confirmed multiplayer?)

beavis4play3196d ago

i've been very high on mafia2 and it continues to be pushed back. at this rate, it'll be a spring 2011 release - lol.

WildArmed3196d ago

Or a blockbuster Fall release.

Most Publishers love releasing games in the Fall..