Sega CD Actor Corey Haim Found Dead at 38

NextGen Player writes:

"I picked up a local newspaper yesterday and was shocked to see that my first video game crush, Toronto actor Corey Haim, had died at the age of 38."

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paulhunter3173d ago

Yeah, I loved that show. Lost Boys was cool too.

Anorexorcist3173d ago

Feldman was the best of the two, mainly because he played Mouth in The Goonies, and that movie is timeless. I love that movie just as much now as an adult as I did when I was a kid.

Feldman also voiced Donatello in the first live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film from 1990, which I also think is the best of all the TMNT films since it was the most dark and uncomic.

SaiyanFury3172d ago

RIP Haim, man. I grew up with the two Coreys. Feldman is still memorable. Mouth in the Goonies will eternally remain as one of my fave characters of the past years in movies. Thankfully, Corey Feldman is still around, albeit I'm ignorant of his activities lately.

tamd3173d ago

overdose of drugs = suicide

Blitzed3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

Haim died from heart failure due to an enlarged heart (caused by years of drug abuse). While he was taking 4 different prescriptions at the time, no illicit drugs found in his system at the time of his death. Those that were close to him will tell you he was living cleaner than he ever had and was working very hard to try and revive his career.

Lean the facts before making disparaging comments about someone you don't know, and know nothing about.

Solidus187-SCMilk3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

I guarantee you that more people die from LEGAL drugs than "Illicit" ones like you mention.

This guy killed himself regardless you want to believe it or not, even if he did it by accident.

What were those drugs he was prescribed? would you happen to know? Because prescription drugs are THE MOST ABUSED DRUGS there are, and they will kill you.

Regardless of what YOU want to beleive, this guy died of a prescription drug overdose. He may have just wanted to get messed up but he DIED, like so many others who abuse prescription drugs.

And like you I dont think it was suicide, but just another MORON abusing prescription drugs who killed himself.

This guy found a doctor who would give him the scripts he wanted, probably for some money, and proceeded to [email protected] himself up to death. It happens all the time, especially with celebs who will pay alot of money for those scripts.

If you really think he wasnt taking way too many of the drugs regardless of if he was perscribed r not just because they were "legal drugs" then you are CLUELESS about how drug addicts operate.

Heres an article I found -- "An unauthorized prescription in Haim's name was found during an ongoing probe of fraudulent pads, and CNN was told it was "very recent, and it involves Oxycontin and we're not talking just 40 pills, more than that."

YUP, oxycotin a favorite amongst pill heads just like this guy who OD on prescription drugs.

ruiner44823172d ago

Man he looks so strung out in that pic in the link. Hahahahaha.

Blitzed3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

I am not going to get into a back and forth with you about the evils of drug abuse. What I will say and it's not 'I think' but rather 'I know' Corey didn't have oxycotion in his system, I could list the 4 drugs he was taking and the reason why he was taking each of them but I will just say that the idea that he paid for presciptions is ridiculous. Haim was beyond broke. He was asleep at home with his Mom (he was staying with her to help her as she went through treatment for Cancer), had flu like symptoms and a fever, woke up dizzy, coloapsed, and was unresponsive. He had just begun seeing a new doctor who prescribed him a new (and somewhat stronger dose) of anti-anxiety medication. Haim has suffered from axiety problems from very young, probably due to the sexual abuse he incurred. Those drugs, mixed with the 3 others, took their toll on his much weakened heart. An enlarged heart untreated is a ticking time bomb and it was just a matter of time.

He did not OVERDOSE despite yor apparent insight on the matter, he died form pulmonary congestion, not to mention he had water in his lungs.

Haim was messed up, there is no doubt, he never hid from that fact. There are few drugs, illicit or prescription that he didn't abuse at one time or another; it is all well documented. It came to a head during his filming of The Lost Boys sequel. His role was severly diminished due to his behaviour, and that might have acted as wake up call as Haim had dreamed for a long time that the sequel was his ticket to his comeback. He had begun to clean himself up, enrolled in treatment programs, and over the last year had really begun to turn things around. He had signed on to 6 different movies and had been the happiest he was in years.

I'm not suggesting he was an angel, a victim, or the poster child for clean living; as Haim's abuse of drugs was directly responcible for his death. He was however a really nice guy and the purpose for my original post was that people shouldn't make disparaging remarks and wide spread assumptions about someone they don't know and know nothing about. It's insulting to someone that isn't here to defend themselves and to those that knew him. God forbid you ever have a friend that struggles in life (desevedly or not) and dies as a result of that struggle, especially when they were finally trying to be a better man.

But hey, thanks for the lesson about drug abuse, I feel so enlightened.

Blitzed3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

When I say Corey death was a direct result of his drug abuse, that means his body and heart were weakened by of years of abuse. However, I reiterate, he DID NOT OVERDOSE. He was sick, taking prescription drugs on top of what he normally takes, and died from pulmanory congestion which in turn caused his enlarged (and therefore weakened) heart to stop. I speculate that when the toxicology reports come back in several weeks, well find that the prescriptions were contributing factors to his death, but they were not the direct result. I think they contributed to pushing a weakened heart (which was already struggling with the flu) past its limits.

I just needed to clarify as my earlier posts could be confusing. I originally was trying to keep things simple, however some ignorant commnets, and my typo not removing "not to mention" before writing that he had 'water in his lungs', forced a more specific explanation.

SaiyanFury3171d ago


Weak hearts are also the result of so many deaths in the US. Many people blame it on high blood pressure and whatnot where heart related deaths occur. Exercise is essential to strengthening your heart. My Father has a bad valve in his heart, and it's partially enlarged. He's 60 now, but he's been working out at his local gym for years. We have a history of high blood pressure in our family. Despite all that, he's not had a heart attack. He was diagnosed with a bad valve, yet he still goes to the gym. He's awaiting surgery to correct the bad valve, yet he still hasn't had a single heart attack BECAUSE his heart is strong. I also have elevated blood pressure, but I also work out regularly and I've never even felt so much as a minor ache in my chest. I am seeking means to lower my blood pressure, but because my heart is strong, I don't fear a heart attack so much that I live in fear. Exercise is essential for a good life. Live a sedentary lifestyle and your heart gets weak and will give out when it really has to work. Nature versus nurture. The story is always the same.

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Blacktric3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

Angry Video Game Nerd showed Double Switch (a game in which he played as the character named Eddie) in his Sega CD review. You can find it at;

(Double Switch part starts at 5:25)

Blitzed3172d ago

He wasn't in the Goonies, that was Sean Astin. His friend Corey Feldman played Mouth in the movie though.

nogolis3173d ago

Just now, huh? Finally getting around to taking note of a tremendously talented actor dying? My complaint isn't just with this site, either. It's the entire media hub as a whole. I was at GDC when his death was announced and it was hectic but even still I was shocked. Shocked that while looking at the news outlets from my "then" phone. (someone took it) I couldn't believe how little coversage his death was and still is getting.

A shame. An absolute shame. If you grew up in the 80's... Les Anderson was your hero. In turn, Corey Haim was. Say what you will about him but when I see Britteny Murphy getting more air time than this man... It's a damn shame. Hell, Farah Faucette got more and she literally did sh*t her whole career. She had 3 claims to fame and that was it. Ryan O'neil is what made her famous.

Rant over... Corey will be missed by me wholeheartedly. I've seen everything he's done from Lucas to Blown away and hold him as one of my all time favorite actors. John Terlesky too.

SnakePlissken3173d ago

i hear ya man, so true! dont agree about farah though. she was actually snubbed outta the awards just recently and completely overshadowed by michael jacksons death that it was kinda disgusting. totaaly agree about haim, poor dude man. hollywood used him when he was a kid, made him a star and then threw him away when they were done with him. [email protected]! being a product of the 80s i always dug his movies and have seen most of them. i always preferred him to feldman. dream a little dream was an awesome one as well as license to drive, silver bullet. prayer for the rollerboys!

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