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The Daily Informer Writes "The two previous God of War games both found resounding success when they released on the Playstation 2, each having an average review score of over 90 – there was also a PSP spin-off "Chains of Olympus" that rated very highly amongst critics and fans. At the end of God of War II, that released 3 years ago today, the game left Kratos climbing Mount Olympus in the attempt to have vengeance on Zeus. The game picks up from that exact moment, but has Santa Monica, the guys that developed the game, been able to create a worthy final chapter to end the trilogy? Hit the jump to find out!"

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Nicholas Cage3196d ago

keep rolling in those tens, anyways man i adjusted my tv vizio eco hd 32'and i adjusted the hdmi output to full instead of limited, 50 on contrast 60 on brightness, advanced adaptive luma on medium, and sharpness on 5 and let me tell you...THE DEMO LOOKS LIKE A PAINTING COME TO LIFE! i play many pc/ps3 games and hands down this is the best game visually on consols that ive ever seen period. this review is perfect. damn fine job sony santa monica.

Parapraxis3196d ago

The demo pales in comparison to the final game.

And I agree, keep the perfect scores rolling in.

Joule3196d ago

Never been so hyped for a game before...2 more days until chaos.

Cyrax_873196d ago

Get to work metacritic!

NateNater3196d ago

So it's not perfect but it gets a perfect score? I'll take it!

captain-obvious3196d ago

got the game
looks waaaaay better than the demo and those screen shots we saw

RedPawn3196d ago

That ain't no fukn lie, I've only demoed the first stage and, the fight leading up to and w/Poseiden is worth the $60 of admission.

Comet3196d ago

For a future Game of The Year title.
God of War 3 is the BEST in its class.

3196d ago
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nogolis3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

I just got back today and still haven't went through my copy... I got it the day before I left for GDC, which was cut short on the 9th. The opening of the game and pretty much all I've played so far is about what I had hoped for. Everything here is of the highest quality and the exchange of scripted events is truly legendary for a videogame.

I'm still partial to Uncharted for some reason but God of War 3 is defiantly impressing me. Also of note, I loved part 1 and didn't care much for part 2.

The demo, by the way, has absolutley no weight on the final product. The lighting and contrast and even "some" of the texture work has been totally reworked. Even the color temp has been altered.

Nicholas Cage3196d ago

nooooo..its impossible...jk, we all know that. :)

remanutd553196d ago

Chaos is almost here !!!!!!
2 DAYS !!!!!!

Figboy3196d ago

are you one of those time travelers from overseas again?

for me, it's still 3 days away here in the US.

unknownhero11233196d ago

nope, it's 2 days(for me anyways). it's 12:47am sunday morning here.

remanutd553196d ago

well its 1:18 am here in NY and considering i will be going to Best Buy at 9:00 pm on monday to get my Ultimate Edition around 12:20 pm then i get home at 1:00 am and start to play till my eyes cant keep up lol its pretty safe to say only 2 days !!!!!!! wow i have been waiting almost 3 years and its almost here , all those years of servitude the Ghost of Sparta have done are almost over , Vengeance , Chaos are almost hitting my ps3
Man , God , LEGEND!!!!!!

Figboy3196d ago

i think it was 12AM Sunday morning when i made my post. lol. i didn't even realize what time it was.

so, yeah, it's two days away for me too! time travel confirmed!!

gunnar29063195d ago

Got my copy this Friday. I’m not in rush to complete the game but it is awsome. Visually it has not competitors at the moment. For people who understands principles of creating 3D video scenes it seems nearly impossible to create anything such huge models, details and lighting rich with huge number of postprocessing effects even on hi-end PC in realtime.
Gameplay is various and not boring at all. Some killing animations are repeative but not annoying.
To understand how huge models try to check out my screenshot here:
Quality of the picture is not very good – it was taken with camera. The small bug on Chronos’ nose tip is Kratos.

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edwineverready3196d ago

getting it Tuesday limited edition.
I am of from Tuesday till Sunday so chaos it will be!!!!!!!!

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