Two Surprise PlayStation Move Maneuvers

Stephen Totilo from Kotaku writes,

We've been trying to notice every little thing about the PlayStation Move this week. Each detail is telling. Here are two surprise Move maneuvers I witnessed during demos of Move this past week at Game Developers Conference.

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Sheikh Yerbouti3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

should be controlled by the controller. I think it will be easier to use with standard controls. I have the same opinion on Natal and the 360 Dashboard.

BannedForNineYears3169d ago

Rofl, nice picture.
Where was that from?
@Sheik, I agree, it's sooo much faster just using the d-pad to scroll through the XMB.

Lich1203169d ago

Any one else just dislike motion controls all together? I always feel like an idiot. Not to mention I don't even know how they're gonna make games for Natal.

morganfell3169d ago

I particularly liked the idea of the idea of how the taunt was implemented. Essentially to taunt someone you are putting your hands behind your back, almost sneering at them as if to say "Even with no hands you can't touch me" which in some titles may of course lead to the hilarious incident of getting your clock cleaned.

3169d ago
Blackcanary3170d ago

they sound impressed with what they discovered.

Revvin3169d ago

I'm more shocked and surprised that Kotaku have posted something positive about the Playstation brand.

Bathyj3169d ago

Is it just me or does Kotaku actually sound excited about Move.

I couldnt be more surprised if I woke up and my head was sewn to the carpet.

thereapersson3169d ago

Uh... wat?

You didn't see anything. Go back to sleep!

Sevir043169d ago

Bathyj and theraperson...thanks for the laugh i could use one after just getting off work this early morning.

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The story is too old to be commented.