Green Day: Rock Band GDC Developer Interview

Trung Bui of Game Rant writes "Wednesday night, during GDC week, held a special surprise for fans of Rock Band, providing press with a glimpse of Green Day: Rock Band. I interviewed both John Drake, Rock Band Network Manager for Harmonix (who sings a mean Eric Cartman version of "Poker Face"), and Harmonix CEO, Alex Rigopulus."

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koston36473195d ago

i am sooooooo pumped for RB3

green day rock band pisses me off personally.

and the ps3 being almost completely shafted by the rock band network is ridiculous.

sa_nick3194d ago

The PS3 isnt shafted with RBN. It's just impossible for HMX to do it because Sony has no creators club system setup like Xbox does. How the hell would us users upload our creations to Sony? There's just no way it can be done.

We will be getting the best RBN releases on the PS3 though, so I guess thats something.