IGN | GDC 10: The Top 5 Stories From the Show

The annual Game Developers Conference is not usually known for big reveals and sexy new game announcements, although there have been exceptions through the years. Epic Games is particularly fond of unveiling new games at the show (both Gears of War titles were announced here). Epic did make a bit of a splash at GDC this year, but in the technical space rather than the marketing realm.

Sony is also a big GDC player, and the company flexed its muscles in San Francisco this week, hosting a press conference to show off its new motion control system, throwing an over-the-top God of War III party and inviting attendees to hang out in the PlayStation Blog Lounge to play games throughout the show. But aside from a few notable game announcements, GDC 2010 was more about industry business, education and trends than about unveiling new products.

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zeeshan3175d ago

MOVE defenitely looks much better than I had imagined. The combination of PSEYE and Move is like Natal+Wii with extreme accuracy.