IGN: UMD Format "Alive And Well"

Sony's PlayStation Portable disc-based titles aren't going away anytime soon. During a session at the Game Developers Conference this past week, the company said it has no plans in abandoning the UMD format.

The session was meant to inform independent developers about the marketplace advantages that exist on the PlayStation platform. When discussing the PSP, the company said its UMD format is "alive and well" and that all retail games will continue to be available on both a UMD disc and digitally on the PlayStation Network store.

Sony also provided its latest life-to-date sales for the PSP platform. Since its North American release in 2005, sales have reached 17 million total units. Total worldwide sales have now topped 60 million total units.

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tunaks13197d ago

thats why you made a umdless psp....

NateNater3197d ago

And that why the UMD-less PSP is alive and well.


Anon19743197d ago

Of course they're not going to abandon UMD. They've sold 60 million PSP units, most of those well before there was a catalog of games available for digital download. The vast majority of PSP games are sold on UMD and that's primarily how those 60 million PSP owners get their games.

Sony isn't going to simply pull the rug out from under these gamers. They'll get rid of UMD eventually, but not until after the current PSP is discontinued. You'd be a fool to think otherwise.

HolyOrangeCows3197d ago

Why would the UMD be dead or any where near? It's the main format for a major handheld gaming system and has more memory than the others (3.6x more memory than the DS cartridges).

n4gn4gn4gn4g3197d ago

part is 60 million...Sony said in Sept 2009 they were at 52.9 so 7 million since is pretty solid.

Tony-A3197d ago

And considering last week's random surge in Japanese PSP sales, even doubling the Wii's numbers, I'd say the PSP itself is impressing many. I honestly never thought it would come close to 60 million.

TANUKI3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

OoOo, where does one get those coloured UMDs?

TANUKI3197d ago

@ drummerx2709

Nice. Thank you sir.

NateNater3197d ago

No problem man. Glad to be of assistance :)

Convas3197d ago

Cuz I'm not about to buy a PSP Go. Way too many memories (and Games) with my PSP 3000.

Mr Brownstone743197d ago

i was thinking about trading in some of my PSP games but some are broke but still playable (i have always kept UMDs in a safe place too), like the plastic clear part breaks away from the white part, so gamestop probably won't take them back.

so if they are gonna stick to the UMD, just make them stronger.

rezzah3197d ago

I still have the 1001 in mint shape =p runs well no problems. Just lacking games hat keep me interested. Can't wait for KH: BBS.

LittleBigSackBoy3197d ago

60M is amazing for their first handheld

Isis063197d ago

if you consider that it's sharing a marked with the DS.

I love my PSP1000.

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The story is too old to be commented.