GOS: Home Update 1.35 Impressions

Recently, Home received a very significant update (1.35) that improved loading times and made navigating easier with a new interface. I jumped into Home to see how much of an improvement 1.35 had made to its look and feel, and I came back rather impressed.

Instead of being transported directly into Home you are instantly greeted by the new Navigator. The new Navigator is a pull down menu that resembles the XMB and works the same way. Every category flows just as easily as the XMB, and now there are preview pictures of the spaces you want to choose. The Navigator can also be accessed anytime through the PDA while you are in Home.

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Mucudadada3173d ago

I haven't been on Home in a few weeks, so I will have to check it out again. It's good to see Sony constantly making it better.

CharlesDCI3173d ago

Home is very nice now. Easier to use and faster. I like!!

3173d ago