VGChartz writes: "The 4th game in the retro BIT.TRIP series may be its finest to date. I came into BIT.TRIP RUNNER expecting only to run, jump, and duck to the beat, like the Twisted System minigame in Fusion Frenzy or the skateboard minigame in the first WarioWare. I was shocked to find out this game was much more difficult and complex than the previous games in the series, and I was expected to jump, slide, kick through crystals, use a shield to block or smash through projectiles, and launch off trampolines. Luckily this was all set to some crunchy fat retro beats so it was easy to get into the groove... until the later levels anyway."

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ssj122903d ago

what an off-beat little title. looks amusing.

BeardedGamerShow2903d ago

Not sure what I think of this one yet.

Braineater24482903d ago

Hmm interesting. Their most addictive game to date?

Rubang2903d ago

It even had one of the longest lines at the Nintendo booth while I was there.

naznatips2903d ago

Cool, but not really my kinda game.

Tempestwing2903d ago

I really want to play this game now!

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