Final Fantasy's Future Is Interactive Cut Scenes, Downloadable Content

Wired/GameLife: For the future of Final Fantasy, director Motomu Toriyama is looking to Uncharted 2.

The interactive cinematic scenes in Naughty Dog's critically acclaimed action game seem to have inspired Toriyama to try the same thing in the Final Fantasy games, he said at his Game Developers Conference panel on Friday. "In Final Fantasy XIII, the interactivity was focused on the battle scenes," he said. " I think there will be more interactivity (in future Final Fantasy cut scenes) - if you have 1000 flying dragons, hopping from one dragon to the other would be great fun."

"If you can achieve that compared with Uncharted 2, I think that Final Fantasy is going to replicate the masterpieces of film, and that is certainly one of our goals," he said.

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Kamikaze1353198d ago

Sure if the game is story driven, then a linear design should be acceptable. Look at Uncharted 1 and 2....although it may be linear, there's just so much going on for it that people tend to forget how linear it is. The graphics are gorgeous, the story is great, the characters all have amazing personalities, and the level design is amazing.

Final Fantasy XIII is an RPG where the story is good, but not amazing enough to consider the game story driven. RPGs are about exploring, getting side tracked, collecting things and doing side quests. I'm almost positive nobody wants to play an RPG that has a good story and amazing visuals, yet as linear as a cramped hallway. RPGs need to emphasize freedom and not try to copy the success of games in other genres. I think SE is just trying to do too much at once and mixing the wrong ingredients into what once was an amazing franchise and will eventually ruin it.

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WildArmed3197d ago

I think merging genre is stupid.
I want my RPGs to be RPGs.. not be Action RPGs.
Traditional JRPGs should stay JRPGs.
I dont want every genre eventually ending up as every other game.

I think FF13 was a great experiment. but i dont want it to lose all of it's JRPG element just bcoz the dev feels like he wants to move towards Uncharted 2 presentation.

There is a reason why I don't call uncharted 2 a RPG..
FF13 offers the least content compared to it's previous iterations. And to me, that is a step backward.
Why I loved FF series is dieing.
You know it's like say your making GoW4.. and the gameplay and everything is totally different from the previous entries.. then is it a true sequel? Imo, no. If your leaving your fan-base behind, you missed the reason why we wanted a sequel.

I'm not saying I wont love the new ff installments. I bet I'm going to love ff13.. just because I hold on to JRPG like a dieing breed.

I just want to see FF series return to it's former glory.. (which was FFX imo)

freeblue3197d ago

and start firing dumb ass boss and hiring creative talents?? it seems just like that day when MW2 was released and it was inspiring SE to develop another final fantasy game. now it's Uncharted 2.. what's next? Inspired by God of War 3 and when Halo Reach comes out, it will be inspiring another SE game? You're a JRPG develop, stop looking at western shooter genre and try to incorporate those things into JRPG and start developing a true JPRG. story, exploring, and emotional moments.

meepmoopmeep3197d ago

why do people hate on SE so much? all of their FF games have gone through many changes unlike many other games which keep the same ol' crap & everyone is fine with it.

i respect a developer who takes its franchise and drastically changes/improves it.

it might sit well with the fans, but at least they have courage to change things & not rinse & repeat like most others.

Hisiru3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

You are fooling yourself.

SE already said that the game is linear and it doesn't have towns like in the other games because it's too much work to do (but look at games like Demon's Soul or Lost Odyssey).
SE already said that FFXIII isn't a JRPG

You need to open your eyes, soon they will give you a Final Fantasy First Person Shooter and you will accept that because you are a fan.. I am not a hater, I loved the FF games in the past but look at what they are doing, I am a fan but I am not a fool, I won't buy everything that SE gives to me. I want to play a RPG, explore the world, level up etc, and not watch movies.

If they want to test new elements they can simply use the spin-offs.

PS: I have the game and it's a good movie but it's a bad Final Fantasy. If you want to watch a movie go ahead, if you want to play a decent JRPG just forget it.

rockleex3197d ago

Uncharted 2 inspiring them to make more interactive set pieces instead of just letting the user watch a cutscene is a good thing.

I understand if SE wants to adopt new and better gameplay concepts that happen to come from western devs.

But replacing a main theme song with one of Leona Lewis' song is just unnecessary. That's what I'd call "westernization".

97gsx3197d ago

They already have a first person shooter it was called ff7-dirge of cerberes.

Dnied3197d ago

dirge is 3rd person........

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EverydayGuy3197d ago

Looks like Square Enix is trying to copy the elements of other successful franchise and put them into FF.

WIIIS13197d ago

That idea is fine if they're just mini game sequences. But they need to seriously rethink the core RPG elements in their gameplay.

Ps_alm3k3197d ago

they did it in some of their FF in the ps one days.
They just happen to Fvck up all of the one after that, trying to cater to the westerner, knowing that the westerner enjoyed their old formula. So it that regards, they aren't making any sense right now. I'm speechless!

The Time Reaper3197d ago

They should add to, not strip out content/innovation. FFXIII is pretty, but I'd take a game looking like FFX if it brought back sidequests and towns and unique weapons/armor. That's what matters most to me.

TANUKI3197d ago


I don't know if you guys will agree, but I actually like the lack of mini games too. If they do put it back in, that's fine. Just put more emphasize on the side quests and the abundance of loot.

Lionsguard3197d ago

Oh man I SO CALLED IT! in my previous posts I said that playing FF13 felt like playing an RPG version of Uncharted. Guess my hunch was spot on.

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