God of War III's Trophy Guide

Getting the Platinum Trophy in God of War III isn't impossible but it takes a lot of effort to do so. It is possible to obtain all of the trophies in one play through but with that, you would need a guide.

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Static-X2834d ago

That there are no spoilers..?

-MD-2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

I'm pretty sure there are spoilers yes. I saw a bunch of "kill _____" trophies listed.

I don't follow this series so the spoilers don't mean much to me.

bjornbear2834d ago

then why would the trophies?

tristanmike2834d ago

In the sense that you find out who bosses are, what weapons you get, and various other things which could be considered spoilers. Nothing crazy like who the Origami Killer is or anything. :P

kewlkat0072834d ago

Actually I might just borrow it from my cous.

BonhamZ0S02834d ago

Is this guide still a WIP? It doesn't cover all the trophies.

djmindz2834d ago

looks like an easy plat