8.0 Mega Man 10 Review writes: "Since the release of the original Mega Man game back on the NES in 1987, Capcom have released numerous titles in the franchise, spanning numerous consoles and handhelds. In 2008, Capcom took the series back to its original roots with Mega Man 9, a throwback to the old "classic" NES style Mega Man titles. While overall the game was just as good as the originals, there were some nagging issues which were readily visible for anyone who played the originals back in the day.

Two years later, Capcom is giving their second try at releasing another throwback with Mega Man 10. Does it improve on its predecessor, or is this Mega Man 9 with a new coat of paint?"

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menoyou3171d ago

Or they could stop milking their fans with cheap crappy 8-bit games that take a few weeks to develop and pretending they're doing it for nostalgia, and give us a real HD Mega Man 2D game for $10-$15, which would actually be worth it...

ChickeyCantor3171d ago

If its really that "crappy" it wouldn't be selling.

And why would a HD version sell for 10?

RockmanII73171d ago

Or you can release Mega Man 10 (On Xbox)

ShawnCollier3171d ago

@BaseballFan15: IIRC, isn't it being released on XBLA at the end of the month?

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Hardedge3171d ago

I've missed out on the MM franchise, should give it a try some day.

ShawnCollier3171d ago

You'll enjoy it, trust me. :)

Kyll3171d ago

you should, the effort in these is so cool

mephman3171d ago

Sounds like an improvement on MM9.

ShawnCollier3171d ago

They basically fixed almost all of the issues I had with it.

Foxgod3171d ago

They should do some retro rpg's in snes style gfx.

lightningsax3171d ago

Fox, have you tried Half-Minute Hero and the Lunar Silver Star remake on PSP? Those may tide you over for a while.

Coramoor_3171d ago

it wouldn't take them that much longer to do an HD version with all the tools they'd have already availible to them

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