Microsoft employees fueling silly fanboy wars

EuGN writes: "I usually despise these sort of posts. Hate them with a passion, and even writing this is making me feel dirty. But seriously, i think this needs to come to light, simply because as a spokesman for Microsoft – he should be showing a professional face, not helping to insult their competitors fanbase. Aaron G, leave it out – for your own sake."

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MrMacabre3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Lol executive fanboyism! MS bosses are trolls!

Waits for Sonys comeback...


Cold 20003171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Greenberg should have stayed out of it. Thats just not classy.

Sony diehards. dont need Greenberg to prove that the are the worst. They do a fine job themselves.

rroded3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

they need to do something to keep attention off themselves....

but all the ps3 is doomed press and the double standard on ps3 game reviews is ok. Woe the gamer who steps up n calls it bull$h!t... This from the company who brought us rrod pay 4 p2p laggy online n buying out third party devsfor exclusivity....

Blaze9293171d ago

Aw soon at I saw that tweet pop up in my browser i just KNEW someone was going to make a stupid article out of it.

raztad3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Pls, does anyone care to explain me what's going on exactly?

How is Greenburg related to the article "Why Sony fanboys ..."?


Thanks man. I got it.

Wow, just wow! Thats lame as hell, I'm pretty sure it disproves the whole article.

Mo0eY3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Good job, Greenberg. You just made all Xbox 360 fanboys look far worse than Sony fanboys.

@Raztad: Greenberg retweeted Stephen Colbert (of N4G)'s article. Look at his account: which comes from

xTruthx3171d ago

Now we see y we have so many delusional 360 fan boys. Monkey does what monkey sees

RememberThe3573171d ago

It's pathetic how the two fanboy "factions" try to legitimize their they're fanboyness by claiming that the other side is "worse".

Fanboys can either be entertaining or annoying, but one group does not rank above another. They are all fanboys and all need to stop hating.

Anorexorcist3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

This doesn't prove anything against the PS3 fanboys. This only further legitimizes the claim that MS fanboys are the most delusional, desperate fanboys out of the whole arena, and apparently the MS execs themselves fall into that same group. Why the hell would any self-respecting, professional executive continue to perpetuate fanboy notions and directly have a hand in trying to disarage the competition's fanbase?

Good god Cold, just shut the up already! You can't even see straight!

ChozenWoan3171d ago

hasn't it been reported before that some MS employees have been caught fanning the flames of the console wars in various forums. Not to mention trying to rig online GOTY voting events or something like that.

Ohh and lets not get started on the Blu-Ray/PS3/Sony is doomed articles, or the fud articles whenever there is good news about the Sony. Just a few weeks ago MS had their X10 or whatever conference and N4G wasn't flooded with Megatons of Xbox360 is doomed articles. Yet this week there is good news about the PSMove and suddenly it's as if Zeus has unleashed the Kraken all up in this bit.

Ohh well, feels like just another day in N4G land to me.

jack_burt0n3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )


ur av pic is awesome makes me wanna phlegm all over the screen.

Genesis53171d ago

The best thing to do with a guy like Greenberg is just ignore him. That's what guys like him hate the most.

HolyOrangeCows3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Greenberg has ALWAYS acted like an uninformed xbox fanboy:
"We have proved over the years, that all games can be realized on Xbox 360. Just look at titles like Final Fantasy XIII, Forza Motorsport 3, Gears 2, and Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox 360? These games and our leading online experiences demonstrate that Xbox 360 is the most powerful games and entertainment console"
-Aaron Greenberg

A guy who claims 2 sub-HD games, a game with broken online play, and a game on two discs shows that the 360 is the most expect someone so uninformed about the product he's PAID to know about to be professional?

eagle213171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Basically, anyone who uses their brain and avoids Microsoft products are fanboys to Microsoft. They want people brainwashed so they can have their little way.

socomnick3171d ago

Lol Greenberg is hilarious. So what if he trolls , atleast he admits he is a fanboy. Right now he is reading the comments and laughing at the Sony idiots overeating and getting angry.

Will-UK3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

I just lost a bubble in that thread for saying you can't single out 1 group becuase 360 fanboys for example have said and done equally bad things looool check comment history just wow

CrazzyMan3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

I really don`t remeber something to happen like this before MS joined GAMING industry.

GAMING was supposed to be FUN, and not like this... Just pathetic.

ChineseDemocracy3171d ago

Come on, what are we like in the 3rd grade? Way to act professional and keep negative opinions to yourself.

Stay classy Greenberg.

MorganX3171d ago

Hate to be a conspiracy theorist, but Microsoft has not choice. They're sitting pretty, but the writing is on the wall. They don't know what to do or what will happen. It's flying under the radar because MS is doing a good job of burying it, but the most significant even in gaming in the past 2 years is that developers are downgrading games because Microsoft lacks next-gen storage media. MS has to do everything they can to keep this from becoming the headline story. If it catches hold theres not much they can do about it.

What's more important right now than majore games being downgraded because the 360 has an obsolete sotrage platform? MS HAS to keep everyone occupied with other FUD.

sikbeta3171d ago

What a Surprise -_-

lol and The Worst Thing, some xboyz M$ Diehards are "defending" their "Master", TOOLS, is just doesn't Sound Correct as a Word to classify them, a Better Word can be [ZEALOTS]

lol and Stephen Colbert is The Real NAME of BUNGIE

topdawg1223171d ago

"Sony fanboys are the worst?", I think this kinda shows the opposite. Way to be professional lol

Gothdom3170d ago


First, cold's comments of the original article screamed of Irony. Now Aaron G just made the same blunder but on a bigger scale. Wake up call, people.

I understand someone having a preferance for one over the other, like sports teams, yet when some people need to go in ps3 articles to bash everything said there when they didn't even try/own one, that's just sad. Cold must not have a psn ID. And I'm sure he's gonna say something like "I don't post my PSN blah blah blah"... And as a ps3 gamer, I'm kind of tired of this behavior. I mean, I never been to a 360 forums to bash the system. I don't care for it, but I don't need to go and piss on it's fanbase. They have the right to their opinions.

You don't think I'm speaking the truth ? Check the ps3 boards on gamefaqs, or simply Neogaf... the latter being a place where a MS employee had an account to bash GT5 just before Forza was released BTW. But I guess no media remembers that, and the rest of the people remembers even less.

Microsoft Xbox 3603170d ago

This is why MS fanboys are the WORST of the bunch.

EVILDEAD3603170d ago

LMAO @ the Greenburg haters trying to pretend he wrote the article.

So he tweeted the link? Now they want to refocus their anger over the original article calling them out onto A.G.?

The best part is watching the new Sony people attempting to be Greenburg and bashing Microsft and you don't even hear one peep from the PS3 fans.

They've been unnecessarily going at Greenburg all last year..I bet it's got to be sweet revenge for him to simply tweet a link and kick back with a cold beer.

I'm entertained


vhero3170d ago

First Forza devs stooping to new lows now this guy.. Not that its surprising the guys a grade A tool who gives the console a bad name.

Millah3170d ago

Hey well at least that means Greenberg probably visits N4G. So maybe he sees all the wonderful comments people leave about him here :P

Consoldtobots3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

funny how one of the biggest 360 fanboys here has his twitter directly replied to by Greenturd.

IMO MS has read "the prince" by machiavelli as have all the other would be tyrants in the fedgov and are trying to run a very tactical disinformation campaign. The CIA specializes in this crap and frankly I wouldn't be surprised if they brought in real disinformation spooks or cronies from the army's psyops division to consult on how this media war should be waged against a Japanese corporation. I think it's pretty basic, they can't possibly control the whole internet so they focus on its gathering centers (N4G being a significant target) who then "get a call" or email from someone like Greenturd who starts to inject his MS poison pill into the equation. We know this isn't based on speculation because we saw Greenturd do it in plain sight when HipHop Gamer was up and coming. Next thing you know, he wasn't such a PS3 fanboy anymore and started pushing MS product. Rinse and repeat.

sid4gamerfreak3170d ago

Time and again all of you bash Greenburg, come on this is old news we all know who he is, who he supports and why does he do so. Labeling someone as 'douchebag' is only immature. I do not like him, you guys do not like him so just stop calling him names. We need the gaming community to be much mature than that.

Peace is what the world requires not war.

In n4g the gaming community slides downhill every single day.

gaffyh3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

Microsoft PR - "Doing what it takes to make the teenage fanbase happy"

Greenburg, grow up, you give MS a bad name by promoting BS like this.

@below - I don't think it upset people more than it showed how immature Microsoft's PR department is. Retweeting such an article is something a 12 year old would do, not what you'd expect from a middle-aged exec.

tatotiburon3170d ago

Greenberg is so right: "@aarongreenberg Looks like I upset a few Sony fanboys by retweeting an article today, I guess the article did warm me of such a reaction."

Lifendz3170d ago

they take one article or comment by a PS3 fanboy and use it to justify their own fanboyism. If you devote the majority of your energy in arguing with fanboys guess what you start to sound like? A fanboy. Jack Tretton does an interview and he praises the competition. Aaron Greenberg does an interview and he sounds like any one of these fanboys on N4G.

Hey Aaron, you're an exec for a pretty powerful company. Your job is to sell that machine. How many potential customers do you think your childish statements turn away from that machine?

gameraxis3170d ago

I think that both systems are great, maybe i prefer one over the other, but not really convinced i need to express that day in and day out to other people, but i will express my feeling that Arron Greenburg is the biggest kind of tool!

He is so uninformed about the ps3 side of things that he shouldn't be allowed to speak on its behalf. I remember an interview on the Bitbag where killzone 2's MP was getting some great critical acclaim, and when asked if he played it, he responded "No, not yet, is it even any good?" and Torrance was like "oh hell yea its good..." like wtf?

then on another podcast he was talking about the online, and the ps3 having lack of games...

he has this idea of what the 360 probably was to the ps3 at the beginning of the ps3's life, but has failed to notice that things have changed, and if you ask me, he's on the wrong side of the competition to be stating those sorts of things...

i dunno, when i was in the military there were these lazy MF's you would meet every so often, they're kinda chubby and wreak of self entitlement because they're insecure and unmotivated... just the type of person you want to beat on for a little ya know? well, AG is one of those people (although i don't believe in putting hands on anyone who hasn't done the same to you) but you guys know what i mean... just a crappy personality

Ravage273170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

great display of class from the leader of the xbots. I never expected anything less.

Then again, this is from the same guy who thinks that having FF13 running on 3 discs at 576p resolution is somehow a showcase of the 360's capabilities....

EvilBlackCat3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

Ok lets read it one more time

"n4g Why Sony Fanboys Are the Worst of the Bunch: The Mind of Game Writes"

Its he responsible for all those articles with "Sony Fanboys Are the Worst" in the tittle?

but hey you guys keep showing why you all Sony Fanboys Are the Worst

Keep breaking the same leg!

and here they come with their disagree

NickIni3170d ago

All fanboys are the same no matter who they support, arrogant 12 year olds struggling to cope with puberty.

And yet people still point fingers at the other sides, declaring them worse, when in reality they do exactly the same thing just replacing "Sony" with "Microsoft" or what have you. So immature.

wpggamer3170d ago

I have yet to hear about a reviewer getting death threats about an xbox 360 game getting 9.3 out of 10. Adam Sessler hasn't had to defend last years goty choice in a separate blog or podcast. Why is that? And you guys are talking about class?

Apple fanboys just buy apple product. Nuff said. No death threats.

Xbox fanboys just buy 360 games. No death threats.

Windows fanboys just bash apple. Well there's one. But still no death threats.

PC gamer fanboys just bash consoles, but not much, since there aren't that many, or they're playing the sims. Still, no death threats.

I don't think this article was totally off base here. I know I'll get attacked from one group, but it's got to be said, there is one severely delusional group on n4g. There is medication available for this condition btw.

N4Flamers3170d ago

I would have loved to see his input on this.


It's a sad day when executives result to harm consumers. I would think that they would want to put a 360 in every home. That would include PS3 fans. Usually there is a chance that people might become multiconsole owners or at least respect your product.

I think PS3 fans have a right to be angered by this shallow attack. He deserves everything he hears for having the business sense of a carrot. Glad I sold my 360.

Tricksy3170d ago

turning gaming itself into an FPS will move their console, and it does.

People attracted to the sort of juvenile, aggresive and bully like PR Microsoft and Greenburg imploy, as well as bigots who feel the need to "buy american" as if it is somehow benefitting them(like it isnt their stupid presidents they keep voting for and their wars that are f*cking up their country, nope!, its out of country corporations.... while in truth its Corporate America that is and alwasy has been building a corporate empire. The corporations already have tons of money, why do you think buying an xbox from Microsoft is going to make your life any easier, LOL... course simple logic like that is beyond the uneducated masses your country is full of)

its people like that who are attracted to this style of PR, which is not only unprofessional, its utterly unrelated to the end result at hand; games.

Never has Sony or Nintendo gone to the extreme low level of class that Microsoft has in instigating fanboism, and yet we get an article about Sony fanboys, it doesnt make sense, and its not supposed to. Its cunning; its supposed to make the people who bought 360s, and consumers in general, feel like they have an enemy.

lol its the same sort of logic used to start the war in Irag, create an enemy that the people should hate and be afraid of and the people will give you their money and support you....

so odd, that a country cant learn from such a big mistake they already made, and remain so naive. should i pity their lack of education, or detest their complacency?

ludabenza3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

Microsoft in its finest hour, I see. What an extremely immature thing to do. I doubt that you will ever see a Sony or Nintendo exec doing the same childish thing.

Aaron Greenburg has certainly reached a new low today.

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PeptoBismol3171d ago

its Aaron GreenTURD's tweet. lmao

that guy is seriously a loser like you said.

Das_Bastardion3170d ago

Its not the first time that this poor little man tries to bash Sony and its fans in one way or another.

Just, dont fall for it. Xbox sure has some great games, but when this fvcktard opens his mouth is only to spread the sh!t he loves to eat.

AngryTypingGuy3170d ago

While I do agree that Sony fanboys, at least on this board seem to act more childish, I don't think a person in that position should be making comments on it. Although, I fully support his right to say it, it doesn't mean he should.

PopEmUp3170d ago

"While I do agree that Sony fanboys, at least on this board seem to act more childish"

LMFAO and you saying is more maturer, you need to stop being so deluded here dude

avengers19783170d ago

When you have an unstoppable juggernaught breathing down your neck, all you can do is talk trash, even ms excs. know that the PS3 is superior in everyway, and now is just a few short months away from surpassing the 360 in sales.
360 has done nothing these past few years, there games don't look any better then they did in 2007, psn is just as good as live now, and all the best looking games are on playstation exclusively.
Uncharted 2 won every game of the year award that there is to win, and I think God of War 3 will win this year.

Trebius3170d ago

Now every Xbot in the world is going to follow his lead and act like a bunch of losers.

Good job Aaron, you're definitely a reflection of the Xbox Community as a whole.

Disgusting fukcing slob of a man.

AngryTypingGuy3168d ago

@ PopEmUp = "LMFAO and you saying is more maturer, you need to stop being so deluded here dude" - As well as smarter and having a better grip on how the English language works.

"and you saying is more maturer" - LOL, classic, where do you get your material?

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Nicholas Cage3171d ago

first let me start off with saying: im a proud ps3 owner, ive had one for 3 years now, and ive been coming on this website thinking...what in the living hell are people complaining about? this company did this, that company did that, but ive come to the conclusion that truth in speaking...and many, many people will agree with me, theres been an unclean pest like insults vomiting from fanboy's mouths, and from the most part what i see is sony is teh doomz articles spewing from n4g, so ofcourse anyone with any sort of backbones going to get pissed! its consol racism, and its never going to go away. but what needs to stop is unprofessional journalism. that can be changed.

PotNoodle3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

I just quickly thrown this together, i do agree that even as the writer - it is poor journalism. But after the way these lot use n4g to throw insults at each other, i thought just this once, i thought i'd post something like this.

I'm the one usually reporting stories like this, for their poor quality - and i'm not too bothered if it does not get through. I just think it is amazing to see a well known employee who's job it is - to speak to the public doing such things, and i'd like other people to see this.

wpggamer3170d ago

"Paranoia is a thought process heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory beliefs concerning a perceived threat towards oneself."

GR8 13171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

So does Sony employees f*ckin war is war get over it. Sony fan boy's got butt hurt their gonna start crying soon.

Tony-A3171d ago

War is war?

Are you serious? What war?! This is all sparked by fanboys!!! There is no war! What surprises me is that Aaron Greenburg keeps fueling stuff like this...

Reggie talks about his system
Jack Tretton talks about his
Greenburg talks about how his "IS BETTER" than the others, and does anything (as you can see) to try and prove it.

evilmonkey5013170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

Seriously, go to English class. Reading your post is like reading a text message from a four year old. Use your spell checker.Structure a complete sentence.

3170d ago
Dance3171d ago

Sonys in-house developers are no better when it comes to dissing on its competitors hardware

PotNoodle3171d ago

Thats directly at a competitor though. Not at the fan base.

TOO PAWNED3171d ago

Where is your proof, or is this generic attempt to make it 50%-50% right away? In this case you have your head representative posting fanboy comments. You know what, if Jack tretton did this, i would be ashamed.

Tony-A3171d ago

Polyphony: "We have the definitive racing simulator"
Turn 10: "GT isn't as modern as ours"

Indirect versus direct.

GiantEnemyCrab3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Deathrow: None of these companies have attacked the fanbase. They always jab at the competition. I don't get your point at all.

EDIT: Fanboys are not the same to me as the fan base imo but I see where you are coming from. You win. :) Aaron needs to stay out of all of that.

PotNoodle3171d ago

Unless i'm miss understanding, he re-tweeted a post which was saying "Sony fanboys are the worst". Fairly sure he should take a more professional stance in the public, as that is more or less him supporting fanboy insults, aimed at the competitions fanbase.

Optical_Matrix3171d ago

Give me on instance where a Sony dev has literally and specifically downplayed 360 hardware. Actually mentioned the hardware in a sentence and ripped it a new one. Go on. I dare you. Because I'll bet all my Uni money, you can't.The most they say is that so and so game is only possible on PS3. Which, in the case of GOW III, Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, MGS4...well, it's true.

ChozenWoan3171d ago

Gran Tourismo has been called that for years.

Eddie201013171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Classy and Microsoft aren't two words I would put together. This Greenburgh tweet is not the first example of Microsoft or its reps being not classy. The classy people like Peter Moore and Jay Allard are gone or we here nothing from them any more.

Hoggy19833170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

If PS3 developers (people who actually know what their talking about) don't rip 360 hardware. Then why do PS3 fanboys on here?

Eddie201013169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

People who complain about Xbox 360 hardware problems are mostly people who have experienced these problems first hand, mostly by having had to replace there 360 console, many having to get it replaced more than once. Me being one of them, and I take very good care of my consoles.

It is a fact that there are problems with Xbox 360 hardware. But when there are comments or complaints about the problem the Xbox 360 people seem to assume its a fanboy response.

Kinda a school yard mentality, seems like there's a Xbox 360 play book they refer to whenever there is any kind of complaint about Microsoft or Xbox 360.

First rule, call anyone who has a problem with Microsoft or Xbox 360 a PS3 Fanboy to somehow negate the truth.

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