Sega in Top 5 Publishers for New IP

SEGAbits writes: "A recent piece of research has found that Sega was amongst the top 5 Publishers on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 when it comes to bringing new IPs to the systems."

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knifefight3197d ago

Now if only they had any idea how to market them...

kratos1233196d ago

there games have sold pretty good with vc selling 900000 and bayonetta around the million only viking sucked but i hope sega gets better with the years there getting better with every game they publish here hoping that vanquish will be epic

knifefight3196d ago

With an actual marketing campaign, Valkyria should have sold a ton more than it did. Resonance of Fate, a fantastic RPG, is being severely undermarketed right now and I'm afraid it's gonna get lost in the shuffle. Their North American team just never seems to capitalize on its chances.

zeeshan3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Not only do they need to learn how to market their products, they also need to learn WHEN to release them games. Val. Chronicles, Yakuza 3. The release dates were just not right. I am not sure how well Y3 is doing but releasing it alongside FFXIII and GOWIII is just insane!

If my memory serves me right, Valkyria Chronicles release was also crowded with a number of other hotly anticipated titles. Actually, it makes me why wonder why don't Publishers utilize the Summer when there aren't many new games to compete with. You can really establish a new IP when there is lack of heavy hitters.

GameGambits3196d ago

Resonance of Fate that comes out Tuesday looks to be another Valkyria Chronicles in terms of quality and SEGA sending it to die with a crap release window.

I'm just glad I'm getting to finally play it, but if the game ends up reviewing better than FF13 did, then you'll see how much SEGA is really not only killing their own profit revenue but killing off chances for more GOOD RPGs to roll out of Japan.

It just sends the wrong message back to the developers over there on what we'd like from then in a RPG and what will sell to keep them afloat till their next hit.

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