Red Dead Redemption coming to PC?

MyRockstar HQ - "Is Red Dead Redemption coming to PC? According to Game Informer April 2010 issue Red Dead Redemption might be coming to PC."

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M337ING3197d ago

This is from Game Informer, I just saw this in the April 2010 issue.

It's possible that this isn't a misprint. This issue was printed before the announcement that Portal 2 would be coming to Mac, and it has Mac listed as one of the platforms in the preview. A similar situation might have occurred regarding Red Dead Redemption, in that Rockstar might officially announce a PC version soon.

Raf1k13197d ago

If there is a PC version I hope we don't have to wait for it.

pangitkqb3195d ago

If it is appearing on PC that is the platform I will buy the game for.

Charmers3196d ago

Nah no chance I have my money on this being either a typo or lazy journalism and they just assumed it was coming to the PC. The PC didn't get the first game so I don't see why Rockstar would bother bringing the sequel to the PC.

You also have to consider that Rockstar don't exactly have much of a love affair with the PC. The horrendous quality of the GTA 4 port pretty much shows us how much Rockstar "loves" the PC. So if you want to play RDR then you are probably best getting a console for it rather than waiting nearly a year later for a bugged to hell port.

jmd7493195d ago

if there is a pc version, then for sure that would be the version i'll be getting, provided it's not a poor port like GTA4 was.

ipe3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

i doubt.First one didnt come to pc,also game is being developed by san diego studio(very little or none pc experience).
Gameinformer said killzone 2 is coming on pc and 360,lol.

it might happen latter like gta.

sugatmahanti3195d ago

If it is thank you Rockstar but please make a good port and it should not be like GTA 4 fiasco

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