Google to shut China search engine Google has drawn up detailed plans for the closure of its Chinese search engine and is now "99.9 per cent" certain to go ahead as talks over censorship with the Chinese authorities have reached an apparent impasse, according to a person familiar with the company's thinking.

In a hardening of positions on both sides, the Chinese government also on Friday threw down a direct public challenge to the US search company, with a warning that it was not prepared to compromise on internet censorship to stop Google leaving.

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LordMarius3175d ago

You would think the people leaving in a country with over a billion population would have a stronger voice.


NateNater3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

They live in a communist country. What did you expect?

@ below. Yea I guess it is pretty dumb. They should stand up for what they want. But it's their fault that China is losing Google's support. They can only blame themselves.

LordMarius3175d ago

I know they live in a communist country, and yet they allow it to be like that, a billion people no voice, so dumb

lelo2play3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

@MariusElijah "You would think the people leaving in a country with over a billion population would have a stronger voice."

What you just wrote, will probably be censored in China, so the Chinese people can't read it.

heroicjanitor3175d ago

There would be killings if anyone tried to change government, a huge civil war would probably be required.

Bereaver3175d ago

Well again, I live in Shanghai, and I can tell you that it's all about culture.

I don't know how a country can stay so cultural after so many years. It's funny how they say culture is the most important thing, but.... but now it's becoming the thing that's holding them back.

Not only that, but they have become hypocritical with the culture as well. In the past, girls were so weak, but now they are becoming stronger than the boys. Men now are supposed to baby the women just like a princess.

Anyway, it's a shame google wasted so much money on advertising. They had several buses in Beijing covered in advertisements.

RecSpec3175d ago

Dynasty Warriors: Modern Warfare.

lordcrackpot3175d ago

Google only has 30% of the market. the other 60 is from baidu. China doesn't need Google.

And if Google leaves the most populated country in the world, then they are just stunting their own growth.

freeblue3175d ago

I dare you to walk into any town near a military based in the US and said you don't suppor the War by yourself. and see how much of a "freedom" you have in this country. don't call people a coward, when they can't stand up to the government in China, when you ain't even brave enough to do that in the US. The land of the free and home of the brave.

PinkUni3175d ago

"but now it's becoming the thing that's holding them back."


you realize that that's a white supremacist justification for european trading influence in asia since the 1500s

"whats wrong with you is your culture and the way you dress and think"
so many arrogant people

french preist to vietnamese: your aphabet is so fcked up, we need to change it to ours so we can read it better, and we will kill you if everyone doesnt change LOL

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mrv3213175d ago

Google IS not the main search engine in china. They HAVE spoken and many prefer the alternatives. Surely that's telling you something?

Bu... bu... COMMUNISM. While I understand communism is flawed in many ways as is capatalism I don't think it's just to have a go at another country while our 2 government (UK and USA) have under capatalism had negative effects on society, Wall street crash. While I don't support communism and believe in P.O.E I also believe that maybe it's better to leave them be instead of mocking them with no intention to do anything.... you'll still buy communist products etc

tdogchristy903175d ago

Do you not remember the tiananmen square conflict? It's not that they don't have a voice but it's that they don't have a means with which to fight back. It's part of why America as the 2nd amendment, the right to bear arms. A country that is armed has the ability to fight agains't it's gov. when necessary, some countries don't have that privilage.

NateNater3175d ago

Yes, you're correct. IMO fighting isn't a privilege though. If they wanted to stand up to their government they could. It's their choice.

jamesgtaiv3175d ago

Fighting isn't a privilege but you cant put too much blame on an outgunned population. This is why our second amendment is so important yet most people seem to think government regulated gun control is good. Yeah, its great. Instead of shootings you have people stabbed 75 times in the face and stomach, their jaws beaten off, set on fire, or pretty much any other way people can think of. Not to mention, your government can then do whatever they want to you. Sorry but the day criminals or government crooks try to come into my house is the day i fight back.

Fowack3175d ago

When was the last time a criminal broke into your house?

ar3175d ago

I've never felt the need to by a gun in fear of someone breaking into my home.
But then again, I live in Sweden.

Rocket Sauce3175d ago

I live in America, and I'm more afraid of the psychos who legally carry guns into restaurants and bars.

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Anon73493175d ago

Is the best form of government, if used properly.

CrazzyMan3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

And this with help of communism.
Of`course, this is not pure communism, they use some capitalist concepts, but still.
And they(China) actually are NOT having trillions of DEBT like US, which has democracy.

"Not to mention, your government can then do whatever they want to you."
Yeah, just like US government with the "terrorism" excuse can put you to a jail in Guantanamo or listen to your phone calls, arrest you, do whatever they want with that excuse.

poindat3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

Communism is the best form of government, THEORETICALLY. It just doesn't work in reality. Hell, even China is (very slowly) starting to move away from communism. You just can't keep a population of 1 billion+ people under that sort of control forever, nor can you effectively maintain a monopoly of state-run industries once the country becomes larger.

jamesgtaiv3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

Wrong. The united states is not a democracy. Its a constitutional Republic. There is a huge difference. Its democracy being pushed on the US thats destroying it. No republic has a central bank. The federal reserve is the reason we have so much debt. The Federal Reserve is not a federal institution. Its a private bank. As for your comment about "terrorism", I totally agree. Look at the faces of the terrorists that have been in the news over the past week. Americans born in America. Theyre turning the american people into enemeies of the state so they can push any tyrannical law they please.
People in america are too busy with American Idol to pay attention to whats going on. Our education system is broken and it will not be fixed. They dont want to fix it because they dont want people cpable of critical thinking.

CrazzyMan3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

US, Which is becoming a democracy, if you want so.
US is on the way of democracy.

Also US is trying to bring democracy to whole world. Yet in China with communism they have fastest growing economy.

Anyway, you people say, that 1 bln. of people in China can`t do NOTHING against government.
Yet you live in a "free" country, and still are being PWNED by federal reserve. Your country is going into a huge DEBT because of it and you do NOTHING. See yourself -

jamesgtaiv3175d ago

It seems like you just tried to take my point and use it against me.

sikbeta3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

There is NO WAY to Communism work the way it should, cuz FIRST you need a Hell of Strong and Super-Competitive Country with an Incredible Money Growth in order to administrate the whole Population, but the only way to achieve this is by focusing on Capitalism but the "rules" of Communism don't allow it, is kind of an Ironic thing

The Only Communist Thing About China is The MAJOR Control of Media/Population/salaries, China itself is Big Factory playing with the rules of Capitalism from another "perspective"

RagTagBnd4453175d ago

Real communism is not possible, but i would be the best form yes. But there will always be someone who wants more than the other, and therefore communism is impossible.

By the way, China has almost nothing to do with communism, all educated people should know this.

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PopEmUp3174d ago

DlPSHlT? how about nuking your country, what do you think of that, good idea isn't it? I'm not chinese nor asian but you sir here are the new low aka sad

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