Josh Keaton To Voice Young Hercules in Birth by Sleep

Josh Keaton, the voice actor behind Young Hercules in the 1997 Disney film 'Hercules', will be reprising his role for the upcoming Western release of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.

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Kyll3199d ago

Oh snap, think that's a first

sinncross3199d ago

Good move (though expected since I think many DIsney VA's have reprised their role).

Nevertheless this definitely the way to go.. reminds me of Kevin Sorbo reprising Hercules for GOW3.

bakasora3198d ago

NOW then they start the localizing?
damn its gonna take longer than expected..

Selyah3199d ago

cool stuff good to know

George Sears3199d ago

Great thing about the western version is the original voiceovers are usually there.

CryWolf3199d ago

I can actually remember that Young Hercules cartoon show from back in the day.

iNcRiMiNaTi3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

isnt he the dude who voiced ocelot in mgs3? i could be wrong but that name sounds really familiar

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