God of War Trilogy Japanese pack shots

The Japanese pack shots for God of War Trilogy, a bundle containing both God of War III and God of War: Collection, have been released.

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mjolliffe2995d ago

The packshot looks pretty damn good!

MajestieBeast2995d ago

Any vids that show pandora's box?

rajman2995d ago

Sony should have released this in EU GOW Collection still isnt released over here and GOWIII is out next week o_0

AlphaKenny12995d ago

That's because, like SONY, everybody knows that USA IZ NUMBR 1!!!!!11!!1

CryWolf2995d ago

When is this coming to the USA that looks Awesome!!!

Commander TK2994d ago

u guys in NA already have GOW Collection released

rezzah2995d ago

awesome, but i rather the Pandora's box...getting it on tuesday =D

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