Wait a Minute, $200 - for a Faceplate?

Kotaku: Two years ago, Xbox Live gave away 72 limited edition Xbox 360 faceplates with a Need For Speed: ProStreet design. Some guy decided to get rid of his on eBay and has found it commands a price above $200.

The seller, out of Queens, N.Y., billed it as an "extremely rare" collectible but listed it for $30. His co-workers advised him not to sell it for less than $60 so he moved the reserve price up. Then yesterday afternoon a bidder (with pretty high feedback) stepped in and laid down $200, and finally another guy topped that, price-is-right style, by a buck.

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Natsu X FairyTail2871d ago

people will pay alot for collectibles.

captain-obvious2871d ago

what a waste of cash
and its not like Need For Speed: ProStreet is that good of a game
if it was up to me those 200$ would gone in to buying 3 new games or something like that

WildArmed2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

I got my 'faceplate' done for 5$
It's nothing too fancy.
just a mesh of ME, GeOW and Fable ^_^

STICKzophrenic2871d ago

I have a Gears of War faceplate and a Saints Row faceplate. I got both of them for free by purchasing the games at Circuit City. I wonder if they're worth that much...

butterfinger2871d ago

were limited to 72 copies like this one was, but you can always throw them on eBay and find out how much they're really worth.

STICKzophrenic2871d ago

I would be kicking myself if they didn't sell for much.

Honestly, I like having them as collectibles myself so I can't see myself selling them, though $200 for something I got for free is pretty tempting lol.

Somnipotent2871d ago

it's a g-d piece of plastic for god's sakes... collector's item or not, you could buy a replacement arcade bundle for that.

geth1gh2871d ago

I understand the collectible aspect of it, but come on, its need for speed pro street. that game sucked, and its outrageous to spend $200 on a faceplate that has the games logo printed on it.

Bobby Kotex2871d ago

If you're a collector i understand buying that, but I would never brand my console with a single game. Especially a mediocre one.

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