David Wilson Discusses Spawn, HD-720 Gaming Box

Spawn looks very interesting. All gamers need is a $199 Spawn HD-720 box and a broadband connection, then they'll be able to interact with their home console or high-spec gaming PC from anywhere. Also, because it's peer-to-peer there won't be as many issues with lag that say Onlive will have.

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cyguration3199d ago

but also seems a little unnecessary.

BannedForNineYears3198d ago

The ability to capture 720p video from your console and do whatever you want with it (Like stream it online or make machinimas or something).
I've needed an HD capture card that isn't internal. I'll definitely get this if I get a job... Lol. xD
By the way, the guy recording....."Uh huh....Uh huh....Uh huh....Uh huh....Uh huh....Uh huh....Uh huh....Uh huh....Uh huh...."...

xAlmostPro3198d ago

@harrykid maybe look into a HD pvr hauppage as its an external capture device.. works with PC,ps3,xbox and captures upto 1080i and here in the UK its available for £160 <i think thats around $180-190 in the US

tplarkin73198d ago

It's a nice convenience to be able to stream video anywhere. For $199, you don't have to move your console around the house.

Just like harrykid said, the ability to capture screens/video from the console onto a PC is reason enough to justify the purchase.

halojunkie3198d ago

looks intresting like the play40. yea its a wii clone with 40 games installed on it. i bet none of you knew that. its also 40 bucks

ShiftyLookingCow3198d ago

huh? did you click on the link?

dougr3198d ago

For 200 you could buy a traveling only console. Maybe I'm not understanding the use for this product but it seems awfully expensive and stupid. Do you play your consoles at home through this device?

champ213198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

i need a laptop for my traveling anyways, i am sure many of us need laptops anyways getting a gaming capable one costs a little extra. So i got a sager for 1500usd comes equipped with a gtx260. Plays all games @ 1080p. Also has a hdmi slot so i can plug it into any tv.

I also have a sony Dualshock configured to run on this laptop wirelessly. Once plugged into a tv it feels like a super overpowered ps3 running all games at 1080 60fps. its awesome.

Since steam is installed on the laptop, all my games are present whereever i go.

ShiftyLookingCow3198d ago

lets see you have a beefy PC, a PS3 and a 360 and you would like to play as you crp every morning then this tech is great.

PS360PCROCKS3198d ago

Um, wtf is this? the ability to pay a company $200 bucks so you can play your PS3 anywhere? lol

champ213198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

how would you change the games on the ps3? you'd be limited to playing the games you have installed via psn or the game disk present on the ps3.

Also if you did decide to travel further, say outside the country this tech wouldnt hold up. IMO a gaming laptop is the best.

Works in the train:P on the plane anywhere you go. Specially very viable if you already have a steam account (or any other DD) with games already present. Now thats true gaming on the go.

ShiftyLookingCow3198d ago

you could phone your poor wife in the middle of the night to change the disk for you

PS360PCROCKS3198d ago

ok so I'm right? lol this is a terrible product in my eyes. Onlive is way cooler, you get the sexy graphics without the hardware.

xAlmostPro3198d ago

i couold be wrong but.. wouldnt your console/pc need to be left switched on also?.. this is dumb! lol unless im a f*cking rap star who would use this on my tour bus.. i cant find a use for it