Do You Want Gears of War 3 To Look Like This?

Kotaku: Epic Games makes Gears of War and, if Kotaku had to guess, maybe someday a sequel. At Game Developers Conference, Epic showed their latest Unreal game engine upgrades, including fancy foliage tech, pictured here. Want it in a Gears?

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Sonyslave33113d ago

yes yes come on epic don't fvck the online this time

TROLL EATER3113d ago

wow looks better than uncharted 2

dustgavin3113d ago

What looks better than Uncharted 2? You do realize this is just a demonstration, right?

karan86243113d ago

No, thats too much.


infamousinfolite3113d ago

No he just got them goddang foggles on that makes him believe uncharted is ps2 game smh every 360 fanboy wears one.

JackBNimble3113d ago

may be I'm going blind but I never thought Uncharted2 was as good as everyone said. I even bought the dam game because of all the hype and I was kind of erked.

Ya it was a nice looking game but how do you guys say this is the best graphics in a game on the ps3? Even if it is graphically the best game ,the game play sure didn't make it the best game.

Gears of war3 looks nice but some how i think that DVD9 will limit this game from being the best it could be.

Narutone663113d ago

Aaron Greenberg told them. So they believe them. Or is it they are all Aaron Greenberg's multiple accounts?

SonySoldiers3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )



commodore643113d ago



um.. did you mean 'mentally'?

Lovely self-ownage.
Just lovely.

The Iron Sheik3113d ago

Which is it 360 fanboys? You say you don't care about graphics but you are all so quick to say xbox game Y looks better than PS3 game Z. Of course they never do.

sid4gamerfreak3112d ago

PS3 FTW, look at that lame video the ps3 dis[played those graphics at launch date, the 360 is only now catching up..

avengers19783112d ago

This is a tech demo running to show off a new engine upgrade, there is no one saying this is the next gears or that this is running on a 360, most likely everyone has just heard cliffyB and assumed that it was the next gears on 360, but no one has said that, NO ONE.
Plus these graphics are compareable to uncharted 2, so people who own a playstation have seen this quaility before.

Trebius3112d ago

This is obviously tech running on a PC, not a 360 ... and the fact that there's nothing going on (firefights or anything) makes it even less likely that it'll look anything CLOSE to this.

The xbox community gets spoonfed this crap and they believe every word of it ...

But the 360 will never catch up with the PS3's 1st year's graphics. hahaha.

Noble Spartan3112d ago

wow, vegatation system looks way better then Uncharted 2 , Also brumak video looked amazing.

Halo Reach + Gears Of War 3

These games going to be visual masterpieces.

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Nitrowolf23113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

that looks like a level from uncharted
looks great

LordMarius3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

uncharted 1 level graphics

N4PS3G3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

>>>>>>>& amp; gt;>>>

any day of the week because the foliage looks a lot more real

Nitrowolf23113d ago

wow that looks better, also i wasn't saying in graphics i ment how it reminded me of a level from uncharted

N4PS3G3113d ago


don't worry i know you didn't say that :) i was replying to 1.1

Foxgod3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Much better then uncharted, uncharted doesnt have tessellation.
These shots clearly show tessellation.

May i also remind some people that the 360 is the only current gen console that can do tessellation.

Chaos Striker3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

It can do tessellation, but at what cost I wonder. I am unsure if I am correct on this, but doesn't tessellation require a lot of resources to implement? Regardless, I'm curious to see when tessellation will actually be used in console games.


Thanks for the video. It shall definitely be interesting to see more games implement this technique.

Raf1k13113d ago

This looks pretty good but they seem to be in-engine renders like the amazing CryEngine ones so a game using the upgraded engine won't look quite as good.

megacheak3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Chaos Striker - "It can do tessellation, but at what cost I wonder"
Watch this video:
Halo Reach uses it very successfully, so far confirmed only "water tessellation", but I think tessellation will be used on other objects / surfaces.

*P.S.1: How could I get "Disagree" for a statement of fact. Fanboys on this site are crazy. Formal confirmation of my words -
*P.S.2: These idiots also downgraded the video on youtube, which simply demonstrates the technology ... which is also posted on the official website of the game ... some people on this site probably is not possible to prove that 2 * 2 = 4 (especially if Sony tell them that 2 * 2 = 5).

Anorexorcist3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

It would be interesting if the next Gears of War were set in some kind of jungle setting like this. With all the hardcore gunplay and explosions (not to mention the meat-headed characters), It would almost look like a faithful representation of a Predator game.

ProjectVulcan3113d ago

Is it running on a console though or demoed on a PC? Well the areas look tiny but it makes a change from Browns of war. I think Epic have done this to try and ward off developers sniffing around cryengine 3, they dont want to look like their main business is falling behind crytek's shiny new

EvilBlackCat3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

"uncharted 1 level graphics"

Here they come!!!!

are you blind?

"It does look like something from the first Uncharted"

uh... NO

presto7173113d ago

Instead of just black red and brown.

Christopher3113d ago

No, I'd prefer it be at least 720p resolution instead of 600p


Honestly, can't tell at that level of resolution how it looks on my monitor. It looks okay, otherwise, but nothing outstanding or that wasn't done in the last two years.

Immortal3213113d ago

but here in dynamic land, you a bit late. Still though this looks good even for PC! I would love to see this in action 60fps

Mr Logic3113d ago

So, you don't see anything wrong with even just comparing a 2007 game to a 2010 engine?

TOO PAWNED3113d ago

it looks like uncharted 1 beggining stage.

CryofSilence3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Looks like it's from very close to the beginning of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

Shaman3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

tesselation actually saves resources. If you want a 100k detail poly character without tesselation, you need 100k vertices in ram.But using tesselation, you can have a 25k model in ram and add the extra vertices.You can also choose when to add vertices, allowing simpler geometry at a distance for LOD savings, or even if there's a lot on screen, reducing the per-object complexity as demans increase.

Tessalation will actually save you cpu cycles for geometry...only wonder when will they start to use memexport...

Cold 20003113d ago

Gears 2 should have looked like Lost Planet 2.

It would have been huge.

cool cole3113d ago

Looks more like Uncharted 1 pre-alpha graphics.

OpenGL3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Heavy usage of hardware tessellation brings the Radeon 5870 to it's knees in current DirectX 11 applications, and you seem to think the R500 in the Xbox 360 will be able to handle it properly?

On topic: These screen shots look fantastic. I would like to see more colorful environments in the next Gears of War.

infamousinfolite3113d ago

Yes it does.

Now not only will 360 games be fun and enjoyable but they'll also look great too.

HolyOrangeCows3113d ago

Do I want a console game to look like an engine demo running on a top of the line computer? Sure. Will it happen? Of course not.

I don't really think Gears shouldn't take place in such a colorful place, really. Gears is dark.

bjornbear3113d ago

don't forget unreal engine runs on PC too ;)

but yes that'd be great for gears! =D COLOUR

3113d ago
GiantEnemyCrab3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

This is tech. You are all looking at a screen shot and talking about Uncharted. Have you seen this tech in action? Just a little bit of the vegetation in UC1 and UC2 is actually interactive. The vegetation doesn't move when you walk through it, it does not respond to bullet fire. Lot of it is just canned, like the birds that fly when you walk onto a ledge..

This is talking more along the lines of Crysis.

only on playstaychun3113d ago

@GiantEnemyCrab not sure if you played U:DF cause I clearly remember Chapter 2 where some of the vegetation actually moves as you walk through it, but yh you are right it isnt as interactive as say Crysis.

drtanuyn3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )


i love kotaku.. there like the most boring of people, that game!
i.e. Michael McWhertor
(chapter 3, 27:00)


Shane Satterield from gametrailers
he's like the emo goth reject of the crowd that looks like he's just being

WildArmed3113d ago

yeah people are gonna hate me for this..

but it reminds me of Uncharted Drake's Fortune's level.
Luscious, green with a hint of architecture.

Can't wait for GeOW3

Millah3113d ago

Wow that does look pretty nice. Nice to actually see a more varied color palette as well. Lets see some character models though, thats not really UE3's strong point.

sikbeta3113d ago


"(especially if Sony tell them that 2 * 2 = 5)"

lol Great way to start a flame-war, dude, as far as I know I can't remember of Someone at Sony saying something like that, I do Remember a COMPLETE CREW that Believe 576P = 1080P cuz someone [you know who] say so...

dougr3113d ago

Those screens look good to me. I'd like some of the ps3 games to have levels and graphics like that.

shadow27973113d ago

DAMN! Those screens look fantastic. They could easily be mistaken for photos.

Now obviously we won't see anything like that running on current gen hardware, but it really gets me pumped for next gen.

And yes, we all know this blows Uncharted away. But the ruins do look very reminiscent of Uncharted's art style. Imagine if Uncharted 3 looked like that.. *drools*

Good work, Epic.

ABizzel13113d ago

Epic's Unreal demonstrations are always much better than what any of the games actually end up being. But that's not to say that we won't see a leap in Gears 3. Seems like we can expect better graphics, more color, and varied environments in Gears 3.

likedamaster3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

This looks far beyond Uncharted 1/2 foliage. Much more realistic and much better lighting. The nerve of some fanboys.

The more you compare these pics with Uncharted's, the more flaws you find in Uncharted. Granted, we don't know if this will be for 360.

Edit: @Foxgod and Megacheak

You're absolutely right. I just checked and Bungie's official site says the water sports a mix between bumpmapping/tesselation, etc. Good stuff, bubbles.

pixelsword3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Look on page 22

Once again, people speaking from the center of ignorance, self-willed or otherwise, falls short when comparing themselves to facts.

If anyone disagrees, please tell me how a presentation directly from Sony is incorrect, and that they actually don't mean tessellation when it's described plainly in the presentation's file.

Please, I look forward to someone to correct industry-level programmers at Sony on how they didn't mean tessellation and that their mighty post on n4g is the new industry standard for documentation on the phyre engine.

hikayu173113d ago

um ... i remember that resistance 2 has some pretty good water surface physic too . i dont know if it's tessellation since im not that big of a techy . but im just saying , the water tessellation doesnt seems that impressive to me . in fact , imo , it feels low res . i still dont get why people make such a big deal about Reach's graphic . it looks fine , but not amazing in anyway possible . so is unreal engine . sure it an pull off some pretty impressive feat , but the plastic-like-skin on the objects just completely ruined for me .

DatNJDom813112d ago

these grafix are from 2007 on PS3. Dont believe me? play uncharted. But since its on 360 you have to give the developers props for making a game look good on a POS system. damn thats the liquor talking. sorry guys, 360 is ok. overrated but its still a good system.

specialguest3112d ago

In an Unreal Engine kind of way, but meh... Time to retire the Unreal Engine.

Will-UK3112d ago

the graphics look good but N4PS3G you are the worst kind of troll, you get the worst shots of uncharted 2 you could find and also you just submit & approve loads of anti-ps3 news, come on its kind of sad.

pixelsword3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Resistance 2's water didn't look good to you, you're entitled to your opinion and I respect that.

With all due respect, it still doesn't negate the point that people on this thread were saying that the PS3 couldn't do tessellations and were incorrect.

I'm iffy on the water for R2 myself because although the motion of the ocean (ha!) was the best ocean I've seen in games, when it came to medium-sized pools of water, the water would overreact when you shoot it.

masterg3112d ago

I'm always impressed with Epics tech demo's.
My problem is that when the games come out they do not live up to the demo at all.

Using all the power to create an environment is not possible when doing a game. So don't get your hopes up.

vhero3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

You will never see in game graphics like that on the 360 that was from a tech demo the 360 doesn't have the power to put out that kind of game and neither does the PS3. If you think it does then you are deluded N4PS3G I noticed is at the heart of all this constantly claiming this is somehow gonna be from a real game well you need to grow up an know the differnce between a tech demo and a real game.

Also this tech demo doesn't mean gears 3 is coming out it also didn't say anything about 360.. Want proof Tech demos don't mean anything?

There ya go.. Job done.. I don't need to say anything more..

avengers19783112d ago

No one has said that this is running on a 360, this is not a representation of the 360, but of the new engine upgrade. Most likely being ran on a high end pc.

NickIni3112d ago

This is just a tech demo, having nothing whatsoever to do with Gears 3, which hasn't even been formally announced. Kotaku are just suggesting that we could see those kind of graphics in the game.

menoyou3112d ago


thanks but no thanks.

wpggamer3112d ago

That foliage is pretty good, would have to check if it's on par with crysis. But it doesn't really fit with the theme of gears. I just think they are showing the improvements in the engine to sell it. Just goes to show, UE3 still has some room to grow.

baum3112d ago

Hey foxgod, you don't even know what tessellation means, you're the same ignoramus that said that the next Xbox should have an i7, which is barely superior to the CPU the 360 has and not even as good as the Cell processor for floating point operations. You don't know anything. lol at the "those shots clearly show tessellation", LMFAO. Oh, and foxgod... PS3 can do tessellation just fine on the cell processor without much impact in performance, you don't need a tessellation unit to do tessellation on PS3, just on 360. And by the way, if it really was a big differentiator for 360, why has it never been used? Because if it has been used, then it's not really that much. My bet is that you don't know what you're talking about, as usual. Anyway... go look at mediocre multiplatform games, those will make you think you somehow made the right choice :)

Anyway, if any Xbox fanboy thinks this is really running on 360, they are delusional. This is running on PC. On 360 it would look way worse than this. This doesn't even look as good as Crysis at highest settings on PC. It's still Unreal Engine 3.

Xi3112d ago

we're talking about hardware tessellation, not software tessellation.

Any cpu/gpu can do tessellation, the problem is that without a dedicated hardware workaround it eats up waaaay to much processing power.

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Sonyslave33113d ago

Damn Halo and Gears of war in the same year OMG

dezic3113d ago

looks too much like Uncharted.

JackBNimble3113d ago

vegetation looks to much like uncharted? Really?

The 360 can display beautiful graphics aswell as the ps3, it's only real limitation is dvd9 and the fact that there is no mandatory installation to the HDD.

madjedi3112d ago

@2.1 Actually the 360 is lacking one other vital thing, and that is custom engines built from the ground up, tailored to exploit the strengths that the 360 has.

Bungie's new engine might be the first one, who knows though, the fact that 90% of the 360 games now are either multiplatform or based on multiplatform engines compounds the problem. Since ms has basically killed most of their first party studios, and 3rd party exclusives are basically dead this gen, a 360 only engine that pushes it hardwares to the limit is going to be extinct.

I believe the 360 will more than likely never hit the same level as the newest ps3 exclusives, simply because, other than a handful exclusives, it's almost entirely a multiplatform console that is restricted to multiplatform engines. Third parties aren't going to either play to it's strengths or have at best modest jumps in visuals on both consoles multiplat games.

Considering this is a pc tech demo, i don't think we will see this too much in either of this gens consoles, more likely the next gen consoles will be capable without too much difficulty, any chance ray tracing will be ready for the next gen of consoles?

Inside_out3112d ago

look like uncharted you say...hmmm...Does UC look like tomb it okay with you if other games look jungle like and purpose of these screens, IMO, is show how versatile the unreal engine is, assuming of-course this is unreal engine screens...Regardless, the screens look great with many shadows, water effects and precise details...the statues look awesome with great detail...Unreal an awesome tool...BUT...It all depends on the developer...

N4PS3G3113d ago

wow... i honestly didn't expect this jump in graphics from the Unreal Engine

Cartesian3D3113d ago

I know you wont even listen to me.. but improvement in Unreal Engine doesnt mean same improvement in 360 or PS3 version of the games..

on the PC you can do what ever you want, but you have many limits in console hardware

is it me .. or those pictures really look like Uncharted design?