GDC 10: David Jones Talks APB, MMOs on Consoles

David Jones of Grand Theft Auto, Lemmings, and Crackdown fame was at GDC this year, and IGN got the rare opportunity to talk to him about APB – the upcoming massively-multiplayer online (MMO) action game from Realtime Worlds.
APB, if it has slipped under your radar, is a gigantic version of cops and robbers, where players take on the role of a thieving, murdering, terrorizing Criminal, or an Enforcer in charge of keeping the law breakers in line. Rather than a World of Warcraft-styled MMO, APB is more akin to a run-and-gun action game, and has drawn parallels to the most recent GTA games for reasons that become apparent when you watch the game in motion.

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Letros3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

I'm very happy to hear there is no PvE in the game, all player interaction is nice, forces the players to play the game, not just stand around in the city next to the AH and try to impress anonymous people ;-)