VGC: Move Party! Hands-On Preview

VGChartz writes: "Move Party! is where the Move's camera/controller tech really got to shine. The screen shows you a live video feed of yourself holding the Move as it turns into several different objects, similar to the live demonstration at last year's E3 where it turned into a baseball bat and a stop sign. To make sure they contrast with the background enough, they are all very colorful and animated. This combination of real video of yourself using cartoon items made it feel like I was in ToonTown from Who Framed Roger Rabbit."

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naznatips3172d ago

I know this game was like, super-simple, but to me it was among the better Move things I played.

Blackcanary3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

Its called improving on games that has been on the PS2 Eyetoy.

No need for ur silly comment.

mrv3213172d ago

I personally think Microsoft will do something similar and to be honest good for them, I won't buy it and nor will I buy the move one. I am a core gamer, I play Bad Company 2... not party games. It's still interesting the tech I mean.