5 New Conan Screenshots

Nihilistic Software Inc. has released some additional images of Conan, the single-player action game that features over 20 weapons, over 100 unique combat moves and 24 missions.

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CaliGamer3982d ago

Who doesn't like nudity? Very nice render of one of the most important parts of female form, hope each has its own physics.

Rhezin3982d ago

lol that would be cool. This game looks awesome nonetheless, definately picking this one up rather than Two Worlds.

Mikey_Gee3982d ago

... I am a big Conan fan but was not impressed AT ALL with what I seen up till now. This screen shots look fricken awsome. I think this just may end up in my collection.

Nudity and Blood (including missing limps) .... NICE !!

Kaneda3982d ago milk?

yocdub3981d ago

Its like playing a Interactive FRANK FREZETTA painting. Can't wait.

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