IGN: PlayStation Home is Booming

Sony says the social networking space is having one hell of a year.

Believe it or not, PlayStation Home has only been around for a little more than a year. Sure, Sony started talking about the free social network/gaming space at the Game Developers Conference in 2007, but the actual product has only been in the hands of gamers for about 15 months.

PlayStation Home Director Jack Buser says that those 15 months have been pretty kick ass.

If you've missed PlayStation Home, it's tucked away for free on every PlayStation 3 cross media bar. When you jump into it, you create an avatar, get an apartment, and then run the avatar around the Home universe playing games and chatting with people.

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Devil MAY KILL3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )


AND THE BOTS is Booming

menoyou3117d ago

Everything except voice chat which is the only thing that would distinguish it from a barbie doll micro transaction game where idiots buy digital clothing. BRING BACK VOICE CHAT OR ELSE THIS IS NOT A SOCIAL APP AT ALL, JUST A BARBIE DOLL GAME.

C_SoL3117d ago

Until they integrate my home avatar with my PSN profile. I'll be happy. until then Home is blah...

Therealspy17763117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

last night i got on home. and here's what i can say about it. it's a bunch of lonely losers hitting on other lonely losers that are using female avatars. every conversation i walked past was exactly the same thing. guys saying very lame things to try to hit on other dudes that are pretending to be girls. it's sad. though, if you want, you can goto the movie theater and watch commercials. oh, and there's pool and bowling (which aren't any fun cuz as soon as the other guy knows you're better, he quits). home is nothing like it was advertised. just another fail app.

Neo6043117d ago

hater would believe it.

Lifendz3117d ago

and, I gotta be honest, I'm just not that into it. I checked out new spaces but I still find myself getting incredibly bored after five minutes. Maybe if I could watch/play video content or music in my apt, or maybe if I could access gaming events in a Home like virtual environment, or have a dev Q&A in home, etc I'd go in more often. Oh yeah, waiting in line for a game or bowling lane is crazy.

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saint_john_paul_ii3117d ago

the recent home client update has made things easier to be able to log in quickly and of course load into other homes paces faster now. the New navigator makes things faster, easier and intuitive.

they have to now bring the socialization features into home this year so that people can start logging in to it. things like the trophy room, and of course trophies for home will make people log in. live video streaming would make things awesome as well for big events.

any more ideas?

-Alpha3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Are they suddenly cool to listen to now that they are sucking up to fans/saying something that is positive?

As for Home: I check it out anytime I'm super bored but I have no reason to go anytime soon.

They have a great community though. I love the idea of Xi and hope they do more of that. I want the things that were promised/hyped to start coming through: Trophy rooms, media sharing, etc.

I'd also love if they had more "jobs" available as there is a small currency system of some sorts where you can get a job at some Cafe or something like that. Hopefully with PSN Premium Home can really start getting the extra funds it needs to kick off. PSN in general should be elevating to new heights with Premium. I really do hope it revolutionizes PSN.

morganfell3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

I was in the 1030 presentation that Buser gave this morning and the Sodium Team was present as well. He covered metrics and games in Home but he also discussed focus. He said that the social part of Home will continue to be important ut this year they are actually zeroing in on Home this year as a games platform. Everyone was surprise when he showed the metrics detailing that 1 in every 4 players that tried Sodium for free turned around and purchased it. That is a significant ratio for a free to try/pay to play implementation.

He also discussed age gating and the development structure of Home. It's definitely a very attractive premise.

Right now we are watching Naughty Dog talk about animation and player control.

Redempteur3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

1.2mil tried sodium , 25% bought the full game

85% of home users return regulary .

12mil people tried home within the first 15 months

Sorry you have to be blind to not understand why sony is still supporting it

didn't you get the memo ??
HOME is NOT a mmo want a virtual job ? try second life !

morganfell3117d ago

I didn't read the IGN article. I was responding to his Holiness.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. IGN is still a paid site and quite worthless.

When the Blitz of London occurred and the city's biggest liar ran into the street and screamed " the Nazis are bombing us!" the truth of one or two sentences didn't alter the fact he was a liar.

Downtown boogey3117d ago

I've found Home to be quite useless... BUT his reminder opens my eyes to such prospectives as finding like-minded players (people who play the highest-rated games regardless of the genre and origin)... Frankly, too many gamers don't recognize quality but maybe, just maybe this is a portal for me to find people who support creativity as much as me.

Sry for likely inconsistencies and/or typos as I'm drunk AND Finnish. I'm actually at a pretty boring home party right now.......

Elimin83117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

"Even a broken clock is right twice a day"

So true my friend. Love that..

My 2cents

-Alpha3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

But Home DOES have a job system where you can be some sort of waiter to get points or something.... so yeah, Home is trying new ideas.


Were you talking to me?

morganfell3117d ago

Yes I was. IGN are not suddenly cool because in the middle of all of their corporate BS they suddenly, accidentally spoke the truth.

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SixTwoTwo3117d ago

Not so loud. Someone might get upset.

mushroomwig3117d ago

'Home is clearly a failure! Sony should have invested their time and money on something more worthwhile, like a new IP!'

- Every anti-Home user

SeanRL3117d ago

Exactly! Home is boring, it's a place where little kids and sexual predators hang out for hours at a time, doing nothing but waiting to go bowling. It still has potential, but I don't think they will do anything about it.

cliffbo3117d ago

look, HOME is not meant for everyone. is Facebook a failure because i don't like it? HOME currently has 12 million people on it. now how big will that become when it hits 50 million consoles and has more content to suit more needs.

-Alpha3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Home doesn't have 12 million people on it. That is something people keep misunderstanding. Sony says 12 million users have LOGGED On to Home. Nearly everybody has LOGGED on to Home once or twice. I do it a lot, sometimes by accident trying to get to the PSN store. Sony also says it had around the same number of PSN accounts about two years ago but that doesn't mean that's true either as Sony cleverly doesn't mention how many accounts are tied to one console. I have like 4 accounts of my own: My main, my backup, my European one, and I think one from US.

Point is, 12 million users aren't "on Home". Home does however have a faithful fanbase of Homers.

Please stop spreading that because some people genuinely believe it.

sikbeta3117d ago

Sorry Dudes, but there are Lot of people on Home and actually they Love it, is OK if you don't give a Føck about Home, me either, but if Sony is supporting it and add more stuff to it, The Company knows WHY, so let them enjoy Home, simply as that...

Tony-A3117d ago

There are over 10,000,000 average users out of the 12,000,000.

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