Reggie: Our Competitors Need To Be Worried

CC: Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime has said that every competitor of the platform giant needs to be worried about what's on the way from them.

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Cold 20003197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Wow Ninty feeling really high and mighty since the Move.

Wonder what Sony and MS will have to copy next lol.

-Alpha3197d ago

But saying stuff like this makes them look scared.

Nintendo is sitting on mountains of Yens, and Move and Natal are likely not coming close to what Wii Motion has done in terms of success. I'm sure both Natal and Move will be successful, but they aren't going to touch the Wii. Maybe in monthly sales Nintendo needs to be concerned but in such short years the Wii has already been such a huge success for Nintendo that they are pretty much coasting through this generation. I'm happy somebody is trying to shake their foundations. Competition from Sony and MS is great but maybe Nintendo can finally get off snooze control and do something too.

aCasualGamer3197d ago

"Our competitors need to be worried...
...because we're about to announce our next console/handheld!"

Nintendo have been awfully quiet these last couple years. There's bound to be something huge behind close doors.

Or is this another one of those overhyped rumors?

Rush3197d ago

"Our Competitors Need To Be Worried"

Barbie and Action man just s**t a brick....

fear883197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

I would be far more worried about maintaining a good sales rate.

February saw the Wii fall considerably in y/y growth and saw a HUGE software sales decline.

With MS and Sony coming into Nintendo's market it will bring about direct comparisons between all systems equally. And when consumers start looking at all this they will see that PS3 and 360 can do what Wii can do. However Wii cannot play DVDs, Blu-Ray, PS3/360 core exclusives nor does it have an integrated online community.

Because both MS and Sony offer more to core and casual experiences, they will of course divert potential sales and convert existing Wii owners. This is a great strategy for both MS and Sony because it levels the entire playing field and hence will slow down the sales rate of the Wii by making consumers consider ALL OPTIONS.

Consumers will not care about who came first to motion control. Much like how consumers did not care that WinMo/Palm devices were on the market before the Iphone. They will look at what appeals to them more and how it will benefit them.

In a consumer world, copying is not a concern. What is a concern is its ease of use, effectiveness, and overall usefulness. And that is where both MS and Sony will take an advantage. By forcing consumers to compare and contrast all systems.


I really don't think Ninty is scared.

fear883197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Why do you think Nintendo isn't scared?

EDIT: I love how I got a disagree for asking iFLOWLIKEWATER why Nintendo is not scared. : /


I don't think they're scared because they seem to be setting the trend that others follow. I'm thinking their mentality is "Whatever we do, and if we're successful, others will imitate."

N4g_null3197d ago

@fear why wouldn't consumers see the hd systems as over priced burdens? Most people have blu Ray players that matches their set up. People are buying quailty hd tvs now also so sd digital content looks better. On top of that most people are waiting for their old tv to die.

DVDs cuaght on because most people had tvs that could display way more detail than VHS could handle so the upgrade wasn't painful. Yet hd and all the nickle and diming is hard for most to swallow. They can get wii games for $20 less almost also.

On top of this nintendo owns most of the hits. So yeah they stole the shell or storing wheel of the off road vichecl known as the wii yet they don't have the engine and most people that really like the wii have any where from 10-40 games with more coming.

Their motion controllers will only sell to current hd owners. Every one has made up their minds if they want motion control and if they do they have a wii if they don't then what game is going sawy their own fan base to adopt? And how the helllll do you resel a system to wii owners?

On top of this hd consoles don't stand a chance because it doesn't have an over saturation of bloody games unlike the hd consoles. What are the hd guys going to make bucket of blood and gibs3 where you just try to make the screen as gross as possible.

On top of this where are the games that give nintendos 20-10 million sellers some competition? Oh that's right hd gamers don't like those games right. You guys are holding your own consoles hostage which is sad.

eagle213197d ago

Nintendo has absolutely nothing to worry about. When PS3 goes $199, then they will just drop price again. Natal and Move will only HELP Nintendo sales because it makes motion controls that more popular and relevant. And most families will still choose Nintendo when they buy. Nintendo releasing Mario, Zelda, and Metroid in one year is enough to keep them ahead of the pack at least this year. :)

Anon19743197d ago

I mean look at Greenberg. Software revenue falling, sales for 2009 year over year of the 360 down, PS3 breathing down their necks after beating them in worldwide sales ever since the PS3 launched worldwide, millions still bleeding for warranty issues and gambling the 360's future on motion control and yet he still comes forward and states "Hey! Feb for the month in the US was great! Isn't that swell?"

I mean, these guys can't really come out and say if they're concerned or not. Gotta put on the brave PR face at all times. Everyone knew the Dreamcast was in serious trouble, but Sega kept a brave PR face right to the end.

Aphe3197d ago

With the games they have coming out they have no reason to worry.

dougr3197d ago

I hope Nintendo's next console is better than the Wii. I regret buying that thing, I honestly believe the Gamecube was more powerful than the Wii.

leeger3197d ago

So will Nintendo finally release a next gen console that is capable of HD gaming? You know a console that can compete with the 360 and the PS3. Oh how I wish Natal and Move fail to oblivion, because if this fvcking motion controller becomes mainstream i might quit gaming!

captain-obvious3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

his guy is scared now that MS and Sony are getting in to the casuals market and their sales are going down now
i mean Nintendo got shot down by Sony in the hardcore market back in the days
i wont be surprised if Sony or MS shot down Sony in the casuals market too

vhero3197d ago

See Reggie says this and Greenburg says Sonys fanboys are worse than 360 fanboys honestly I say who is doing their job better?

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mjolliffe3197d ago

I don't know what else they can do other than what we've all suggested: HD, 3D, No controller etc...

SpaceSquirrel3197d ago

The vitality sensor thing looks interesting. Maybe Nintendo will save it for next-gen?

mjolliffe3197d ago

Didn't he say that the only way they'll look at the next console is when a developer says they can't do something on the Wii?

Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I'm sure one developer would have said that they were disappointed that they couldn't create HD games...

SpaceSquirrel3197d ago

I think he was referring to Miyamoto. I don't see Nintendo releasing a new system anytime soon since the Wii is still selling very well.

WildArmed3197d ago

In terms of quality, i dont think MS and Sony have anything to fear.

But in terms of sales and the possibility of being overshadowed by the current leader of motion gaming, Wii, could put a damper on the new controllers.

But time will tell.

ryuzu3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

The problem for Ninty is this - they don't like to make losses on their consoles (who would?).

On the other hand, MS and Sony have business models that sell the console at a loss in order to recoup the costs and gain profit through software, addons and subscriptions.

Since that path isn't one Ninty take, the cost of a HD console, even now, is probably more than their target user base can stand.

So how can they compete? Either they try and compete in the hardware power market, or they don't and strike out in some other different but affordable direction.

I can imagine that their HD support would be something very restricted - they could, relatively cheaply, go the 360 route and just pretend at HD by including upscaling hardware. That shouldn't increase prices too much... Otherwise they need to find and implement something which is cheap and where people will accept low power hardware a'la the Wii controls.

The other big question is who will buy the thing? Ninty need to find a way to get all those casual game consumers they've now got, to want to to try something more than the existing Wii.... What can they do - they've already done motion gaming. The casual market is by definition, casual - no good trying to get them onto hardcore games because they'll either not be interested or jump to PS3.

It's a problem for Ninty really - big success with Wii means they're like a donkey with a yo-yo! They've got a great market but how do they move forward?


N4g_null3197d ago

How do they move forward really you don't know how? There is a reason why they have so many 10-20 million sellers. They keep making fun games. Also by the time they do go hd the 4th version of the ipad will be out and system on a chip set ups will lower the 3d tech as fans shrink the dies or CPU cores.

That is what nintendo is waiting on. I mean really ati newsest cards are around 300 2-4 years from now it's going to be dirt cheap. Also their are so many old school ideas that could use motion plus and or the balance board. Hey but if you where not around then I'm sure your drawing a blank.

Right now hd gaming is the only one limited thanks to their fanbase. Without highend graphics and fps what does hd offer? No wait what will you guys support with sales over 10Million that is not a fps? The hd market is loosing steam after 2010 what is next?

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GameOn3197d ago

Could it be a price cut?

Sheikh Yerbouti3197d ago

at least it will be a part of anything BIG.

GR8 13197d ago

Hahahahha what a JOKE Reggie is u need to be worried Reggie when Natal comes out it's gonna surpass we Sales day 1.

WildArmed3197d ago

wow? really?

Do u really expect to surpass 40mil ++ benchmark in one day?
I thought atleast the people in Open Zone would have some sense of reality.

mrv3213197d ago

Hmm... I've done the math and it appears your an idiot. I've researched in simple chemical formation and discovered they are far more likeable than you'll ever be.

May your fanboyism serve you well.

Isn't it a real shame as of yet I've yet to see Natal work online... and according TO MICROSOFT press statements it won't work online and it'll take away even more power from the 360. So basically Natal probably won't with XBL... which need I remind you is the main selling feature of the 360.

keysy4203197d ago

secondly if you dont think that nintendo is int he best postition out of the bunch to wipe the industry your nuts. really if nintendo drops a new hd console that is innovative and not just a wii hd and is a multimedia blu-ray player every console is in trouble. people flock to new systems right, and if they can match what the ps3 and 360 do online then why own a xbox when all the 3rd party games will come on your new nintendo system. and are you gonna not but games that are running better look better and offer you more, only reason why you wouldnt would be because of some fanboy crap. nintendo isnt just in the lead they are runing the show.

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TheColbertinator3197d ago

Confirmed:GT5 and Halo 4 coming to the Wii