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Yakuza 3 has hit the Western shores after about a year of its market reign in Japan. Those familiar with the Yakuza series, or simply familiar with its formula, will find that this sandbox technique doesn't change direction and mimicks what made the first chapters glow. Read more for the full impressions.

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JimmyJames703172d ago

There's some cool video as part the article. Awesome stuff.

retrovertigo3172d ago

I've heard some comparisons between Shenmue and the Yakuza series. I'd love to go back and try out the first two Yakuza games, but since PS3 is not backwards compatible-friendly, I'm interested to see how the 3rd part of the series is. I've heard that part 4 is already out in Japan. Interesting how that works out.

edwineverready3172d ago

I played yakuza 1 on ps2 and it was great fun. when yakuza 2 came to the west i already had a ps3. Once i had a ps3 i never looked back. Just can't play ps1 ps2 games, because i am a graphics whore.