Top Ten RPG Exploits

Troy Bond of TheGameReviews writes: "Role-playing games always had weaknesses long before they entered computer form. Likewise, gamers have always found those weaknesses without fail. While taking advantage of these loopholes may technically fall within the boundaries set by a computer RPG's AI or scripting, it's usually not what the game's designers intended, and arguably takes one out of the role-playing experience - unless one is role-playing someone who exploits the fabric of reality. Here are the top ten RPG exploits."

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cain1412932d ago

I like oblivions floating paint brushes...

reddevilyi2932d ago

Man, they made it so easy to do the whole "Hide the item in the corner and then steal it" trick in Fallout 3. I couldn't help but do it!

shoinan2932d ago

I mighta abused that one a bit ;)

Haly2932d ago

I try to avoid reloading earlier save points but it is oh so tempting sometimes.

StylizedPlayer2932d ago

Is it me or do are all these glitches present in Oblivion?

Tony P2932d ago


Oblivion (& TES in general) is one of the most featured RPG franchises so it has a lot more to exploit than your average RPG.

Redempteur2932d ago

LOl this article should have been


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