Size Doesn't Matter; It's How You Use it That Counts

We're talking about game length, of course. (Get your mind out of the gutter!) Just what constitutes a proper game length? Are today's titles too brief? Too long? And what's the effect on sales? GameDaily chat's with a couple developers and a couple analysts to hear the long and short of it...

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Charlie26884184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

Well its does matter since I was not really happy with for example Gears 6 hours campaign >.>

Lately Ive been finding a trend of very short single players

VendettaWFT4184d ago

Thats what she said...and she was lying

PS360WII4184d ago

Back in the day long games cuz that's what the majority of gamers liked (I call those the good days)
Now a days really short games with checkpoints gallor and easy boss battles cuz that's what the majority of gamers like (I call this the dark days)

I'm hopeing we come full circle and get back to the 'omg I ran out of ammo/health/save/mp and I don't know what's past this door/zone/dark area and I haven't saved in the last hour...' days ^^