PSP Outsells Nintendo DSi, XL in Japan

Sony PSP outsold Nintendo DS SKUs in the latest retail data from Japan.

Media Create on Friday reported that the PSP sold 64,808 units between Mar. 1 and Mar. 7 to rank No. 1, while the PSP go sold 1,275 units to rank No. 9.

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xabmol3170d ago

I, I, I'm about at a loss for words...

Are people wearing jackets in hell right now? O_o

KampferZeon3170d ago

That's why Metal Gear Solid 5 is on PSP.
DS may capture the females and the elderly.
but PSP is the most popular platform for males between 10 to 30 in Japan.
If you have read a copy of Japanese Famitsu recently, you would find that there are a lot more coverage about PSP games than DS games.

captain-obvious3169d ago

great job Sony
they are they only ones that can stand against Nintendo on the handhelds market

Subzero200x3169d ago

umm so ds about 100 million psp nowhere is sight...psp is dead time for psp 2.

DJ3169d ago

On numerous occasions, you're going to call the PSP a "dead platform"? I'd understand if it was only selling a couple thousand units a week, but these are big sales.

Gr813169d ago

Oh man. Do ppl understand that DS has sold 30m units in Japan alone? Its over. PSP's been lapped so many times its not even a race anymore. How does crap like this get approved?

DJ3169d ago

The handheld's doing really well, even up against a significantly cheaper competitor, the Nintendo DS.

Gr813169d ago

Don't compare the PSP to DS. Really closing on 60? DS is closing in on history.

frogdefdaa3167d ago

there is no logic in comparing PSP to DSI... I think PSP players are more mature and look for more advanced games.

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