Molyneux on PlayStation Move: 'It's another one of those things I'd love to get my hands on'

Lionhead Studio's Peter Molyneux has long been suggested as a strong supporter of Microsoft's forthcoming Project Natal. Having created the most talked about software for the device's unveiling at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) last year, and again wowing the crowds with the revelation of fresh details of the intended integration with the highly-anticipated Fable III and this week's Game Developers Conference (GDC), Molyneux is certainly proving to be a driving force behind Microsoft's attempts to gain interesting amongst long time gamers. But what does he think of the competition?

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2cents2996d ago

lets hope both natal and move deliver a truly entertaining experience.

Noctis Aftermath2996d ago

That is pretty cool of him, i'm getting sick of the devs and what not bashing each others hardware, that's for us fanboys to do.

presto7172995d ago


just stay away man. Dont come any closer!!

Marceles2995d ago

Molyneux commented: “To be honest, it's all down to what us poor old designers do with this stuff, because all these guys do is make the hardware. Whether we utilise that hardware in a real way or whether we just take shortcuts, that's really going to be where we succeed or not.”

vhero2995d ago

Wait he said this AFTER all that stuff the 360 fanboys have been posting in there articles lately in the same interview?? No wonder they didn't post the entire interview in them articles! Just shows what them 360 fanboys will do for hits. They say PS3 fanboys are worse yet they took a small piece of this interview and made like 5 articles out of it saying he basically thinks its gonna fail when he clearly does not.

thereapersson2995d ago

I just imagine the 360 zealots and writers of those types of articles to be people with earplugs in, shouting "LA LA LA" and pointing NO U at the PS3 crowd. lol...

HolyOrangeCows2995d ago

Where's your sexual device jokes NOW, xbox fanboys?

captain-obvious2995d ago

i really cant understand this guy

pixelsword2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Much different from the insinuations N4PS3G posted.

The next time I see a story from that blog of his I'm reporting it for being a springboard for spreading lies.

Rush2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

360 fanboy's on n4g lol, Sorry but there a dying breed it's all just you guys making troll accounts so you can argue and agree with each other xD

Case point every single comment above mine are known PS3 fanboys :/

Noctis Aftermath2995d ago

@rush: way to turn a positive discussion into a negative one, and there's a thread saying PS3 fanboys are the worst...

MisterNiwa2995d ago

The only thing, i want you to do Peter, is a Black & White 3, because, thats something, that will really work with motion controllers, like Natal.

Imagine its not the hand of a god used as a cursor, its your hand, doing the stuff. :I

That would be the only reason, for me, to buy Natal.

Death24942995d ago

Just found new footage of Natal running at 60fps

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yogaflame2995d ago

wow im happy he is not like valves fatboy newell who is a PC and MS fanboy

Timesplitter142995d ago

"PC and MS fanboy"

Then why did he announce steam for Mac?
Then why did he make fun of MS at GDC with a blue screen of death?
Also what's wrong with being a PC fanboy? Everyone loves the PC!

Gabe Newell is just a (fat) business man. He doesn't make games for the PS3 because let's face it : it wouldn't be a smart move. He doesn't let emotions get in the way of his judgement, that's all.

You're just overreacting because you wish Valve games were on the PS3 too

Kakihara2995d ago

"Gabe Newell is just a (fat) business man. He doesn't make games for the PS3 because let's face it : it wouldn't be a smart move."

Wouldn't be a smart move?? Let me tell you something my good man. I'm a fan of the Half life series that owns a PS3, a broken 360 and a PC that probably wont be able to run Episode three. I'm also the largest importer of pies to the United States. If Gabe knows what's good for him he'll get his minions working on Episode three for the PS3 right now.

Eamon2995d ago

You're just a retard.

nygamer282995d ago

just like valve,lionhead will stick to the 360/pc

Sitris2995d ago

I would hope they do, others why the world will end.....

thereapersson2995d ago

I would love to play a Fable game with a Move control scheme. Being so accurate, especially when it comes to sword play, would fit the gameplay quite well IMO.

LordMarius2995d ago

ugh this again.
I know it looks like a dildo and you like that it does but do us all a favor and Move* on.

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The story is too old to be commented.