How Apple should combat Windows Phone 7 Series gaming

Ithinkdiff writes: Xbox Live for mobile phones had been on the cards for years but never materialized before Windows Phone 7 Series. Now that we know details on how Microsoft intends to become the platform of choice in handheld gaming just like it is on the PC, Apple will have to raise the game even higher than the current App Store offerings. Here's what I think Apple should come up with for iPhone OS 4.0 or iPhone 4G:

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IdleLeeSiuLung3144d ago

In other words, you should just get an Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7!

Because it already does all of that and the only reason not to get it, is because it is NOT branded with Apple.

WildArmed3144d ago

I seriously dont think this poses any threat to Apple's Iphone or Ipod touch.

They have already become a fad. It's hard to stop it now. =/

Though I'd like to see some more things that aren't apple O_O