Microsoft Xbox 360 Games Coming to iPhone Soon

Novell, a Microsoft frenemy, has decided to pick up Microsoft's slack and will soon debut a technology that will take Xbox 360 games and port them to the iPhone and Android smartphones.

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red2tango3198d ago

2 analogs, d-pad, A, Y, X, B, 4 buttons on top, start and select...hmmm...all on one touch screen? No? Well then you're not getting the full experience of that game.

thereapersson3198d ago

What kind of clunky-ass control setup will they come up with for these touchscreen-only versions?


ShiftyLookingCow3198d ago

I would rather play videos of video games than with trying to control with an iPhone

Millah3198d ago

Well Call of Duty Nazi Zombies is already on the iPhone, and the controls actually work pretty well. You obviously need to get used to them, but once you do it actually can be pretty fun. Certainly for just a cellphone. All just depends on whether the devs take the time to perfect the controls.

lelo2play3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Hummm... buy a 600€ Iphone to play Xbox360 games, instead of buying a 190€ Xbox360 to play the games... yep, that's going to happen.

Graphically can the Iphone even play Xbox360 games, or are they going to heavily dumb down the game? ... Is it something like PS3 linked to the PSP to play games?

LinuxGuru3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Do you even know what the definition of a port is? It's the transference of a game in its entirety to another gaming console, taking into account the new console's graphics, sound, control, and network abilities.

So yes, the controls will be changed to accommodate the iPhone, the graphics will be simplified, but a direct port means the main content will remain the same, just like Resident Evil 4 for iPhone.

HarryM3198d ago

Maybe it'll just be the Xbox live Arcade games. I highly doubt we'll be seeing the Master Chief on the iPhone anytime soon... if ever.

Halo3 MLG Pro3198d ago

Their is already a FPS online only game for the iPhone and the control is a joke.

Optical_Matrix3198d ago

Whats it called? Also I cant' believe Microsoft are actually promoting this drivell. Imagine trying to play Gears on iPhone....Oh god no

The real killer3198d ago

I agree with that, but why not to Nokia/Samsung and SonyEricsson?

The Iphone is so overated in my opion.

Xlll3198d ago

theres more then one FPS on iphone. The controls take time to get used to but its alright for what it is. It's far less a joke then MLG is :D

frogdefdaa3198d ago

I'm sure it will not come for all Microsoft titles, there should be some selective games... with appropriate resolution and controllers..

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The story is too old to be commented.