Bungie Weekly Update: 03/12/10

Bungie writes:

"'Yes!' 'Oh, Lord!' 'Wow.'

Those were just a few of the impromptu, exclamatory phrases I heard while I was tooling around in the freshly updated Delta branch flavor of Powerhouse yesterday morning. Good times. It turns out just about everything in the multiplayer trailer was a little thing the team likes to call "placeholder."

Marcus' post trailer anxieties ("Thanks for understanding where we are at with the project - it's scary for us to put the game out there before it's done.") makes all the more sense to me now. Lighting, special effects, shaders…just about anything and everything that comes together to make the game look pretty has been given more love in recent weeks. It's remarkable how much work this team can shove into such a short span of time. Almost absurd. And Reach is looking great as a result."

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Xi3146d ago

The tessellation in the water looks great, halo 3 had some amazing water and halo reach looks even more impressive. It'll be nice to see when all the effects and sprites are in to show splashing and stuff.

Marcus Fenix3146d ago

may 3rd can't come any sooner, someone needs to invent a time machine.

Tiberium3145d ago

I'm just wondering if they are going to stick with 16 players or go higher.