Demons Souls coming to Europe June 2010

Spanish website writes: "Demon's Souls', the action-RPG from From Software that is garnering such rave reviews among those who have been fortunate to have played, now we surprised a magazine in our country to give us the good news that we finally arrive in Spain ... and still above translated to Spanish."

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jack_burt0n2869d ago

good news for europe wonder if its sony publishing it.

Jamegohanssj52869d ago

Good it took long enough. You guys will enjoy it. Demon Souls is possibly in my top 5 this generation and this is coming from someone who never really got into a RPG until this.


xTruthx2869d ago

Wasnt this game coming as platinum hit's for ps3 ? I sold my copy for 55 bucks thinking it would arrive as platinum on February lol :(.

Disccordia2869d ago

I had given up on this so the news is a nice surprise.

IrishAssa2869d ago

Got the Chinese/english version about 6 months ago

Danteh2869d ago

finally yeah! looking forward to the spanish subtitles

Maybe they could even add some extra area or trophy ;)

JoySticksFTW2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

You've had to wait long enough for this gem

Now your wait shall be rewarded!

Keep a grindstone on you, and keep your game online so we may one day meet on the field of battle! >:0


No, seriously. The game is amazing.

After playing MGS4, UC2, GeOW, and ME... DS is the game I keep coming back to. Enjoy it!

Redempteur2869d ago

7 months late ?

i'm just glad the ps3 is region free and that didn't waste time waiting for those publishers ...

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mrv3212869d ago

Although it#s not my type of game I know there's plenty of people who'll be over the moon with this.

Shane Kim2869d ago

I'm one of those. Can't wait!

MK_Red2869d ago

Holy hell, this game hasn't been released in Europe yet? Why?

Akatosh Fury2869d ago

Because From software had the distribution rights of the game in europe.

DarkEdson2869d ago

think about all the countries and all the languages spoken in europe now imagine having to do all the text and voices in all those languages.

Disccordia2869d ago

The publishers in the US (Atlus) have no presence in Europe.

Viper72869d ago

Actually as far as I know the publisher can choose which languages the game will support. For example isn't the latest Yakuza 3 English only?
Many countries are used to English only in games. However there seems to be few countries where the level of English "fluency" isn't as good as one might hope.

kwicksandz2868d ago

i live in Australia, a country with only one language and its still not released. this is sonys/ from softwares fault. and shows their disdain for the PAL region even after all the support they get from us.

it better be released at a discounted price

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Optical_Matrix2869d ago

F*cking finally. And the timing is perfect. Leaving school in May and got 5 months off until University starts in October. Demons Souls will be perfect for such a long summer.

dorron2869d ago


This is why I didn't import it. Demon's Souls translated to spanish!!!! :-D

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The story is too old to be commented.