"Top-Secret" PS3 Driving Game Revealed Next Month

GOONL!NE: "Tell you what; it's hard to keep track of all these PS3 games being hinted at. Yesterday, OPM told the world that a 'Massive Sequel' would arrive next month. Well, in another part of the Official Playstation Magazine, you can read this..."

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AznSniper3199d ago

A new driving simulator?

Jamegohanssj53199d ago

Fonza. It's a Happy Days racing game featuring The Fonz.


TOO PAWNED3199d ago

Lol no racing game can threat GT5 for simple fact that no racing game will ever have that big budget and such a talented team.
This is probably motorstorm 3

InfectedDK3199d ago

1. I'm excited to see what it is!
2. It will not threaten GT5.
3. I'm still excited! :b

xTruthx3199d ago

I really doubt it will be twisted metal, I think they would save that for E3. So ill go with motor storm. Sony is giving away a lot of games.... hope they have a lot more in e3 :/

zeeshan3199d ago

Motorstorm 3 it is :) As for any racing game threatning GT5's crown? Hmm... not a bad way to build hype =)

sinncross3199d ago

OMW Imagine it is a new Destruction Derby: the graphics and physics of GT5 with the destruction of Motorstorm!

MAR-TYR-DOM3199d ago

what if its GT6 for the PS4? It's going to take 6 years to develop so you gotta start early.

Darkstorn3199d ago

I think it's a fair chance of being a new Twisted Metal, but Motorstorm 3 would definitely be welcome.

PoSTedUP3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

twisted metal is not a racer... (from what i remember)

possibly motorstorm3 -not really the same outlet (arcade off road dirt--realistic gran turnismo) i dont see any threat...

a new improved ridge racer? they have had many years to work on a new one (if thats what they were doing with their time....) then im sure if it is, it will be really good.

RR on the ps1 was awesome

2cents3198d ago

all other driving games on the platform will most likley be 2nd place.

Way to much time and effort has gone into GT5 for it to be over shadowed by another racing game.

Lets see what happens

Microsoft Xbox 3603198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Gran Turismo 7 confirmed.

Nah in all seriousness, it's actually Twisted Metal with race mode. The hardcore Mario Kart. HAHA

paskowitz3198d ago

There are only a select few titles that could even remotely scratch the surface of GT5:

- F1 2010 (It already has weather and time of day changes, all that remains a mystery is the physics, but since this is Codemasters they will probably suck, and since it would only be F1, lacking in scope)
- A new title by Simbin for the PS3(GTR Evolution, Race Pro, etc. They know how to make a quality game)
- The biggest challenger in my opinion would a be a console version of iRacing. If you do not know what iRacing is google it. There is no reason the PS3 couldn't handle an subscription based game. iRacing has arguably the best physics of any current racing sim.

The problem is that NOBODY will match PD's meticulous attention to detail. Not to mention the shear amount of content in the game. And if GT5 includes a track editor, forget about it. Game over.

zootang3198d ago

It's something by System 3. They have already said they are working on a new title.

RockmanII73198d ago

I'm going to go out on a limb and say something few would expect.

Wipeout 4 with Playstation Move integration.

Noctis Aftermath3198d ago

The only game that can threaten GT5s crown is GT6.

Commander TK3198d ago

Wipeout or F1 or Motorstorm

FishCake9T43198d ago

World Rally Championship? They said a game was gonna come out this year.

ZombieAutopsy3198d ago

Road Rash 3D (with 3D support)

Sevir043198d ago

and Multiplats while good just dont excite me... not anymore.. maybe back in 2006 but with the way PS3 has been doing since it hit it's stride in 2008 all i care about are the exclusives... we'll wait and see.

if it's Motorstorm 3? i'll be extremely happy. as 2009 saw the release of arctic edge on PSP.. it's time for a next gen reboot of the game with better physics better graphics and more rabid destruction and track deformation. ^^

zane_78493198d ago

Jet Moto-Storm ....please?

Jaces3198d ago

Seems Sony is only competing with themselves these ;D

Ravage273198d ago

i know it isn't going to be Twisted Metal, but i'm won't give up hope!

"threaten GT5's racing crown'

4 words not to be taken lightly. There isn't a single game in the market that comes close and nothing have been forecasted to challenge GT5 directly.

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Nathan Drake23199d ago

eutechnyx,creators of supercar challenge,announce long time ago they're working on new ps3 exclusive.maybe this is it.

InfectedDK3199d ago

Ah.. Yeah I remember it. Maybe.

GR8 13199d ago

and only playable with Sony's Lag Infested motion controller (MOVE).

PhilipLarkin3199d ago

Wow. They proved Move has Lag? So soon after reveal, with only a few hands-on in the world?

drtanuyn3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

your full of fail douche

The Iron Sheik3198d ago

Why would you guys even click to see what he has to say? He has 1 bubble for a reason.

rob60213198d ago

I did hear somewhere awhile back they were doing a new fully-fledged Wipeout on PS3.

Perkel3199d ago

yeessss righttttt.. it may "threaten GT5"

pffff. it's like some game on x360 can threaten halo..

or mario on wii..