Wicked New PS3 XMB Concepts

The PS3's XMB is generally considered to be the best interface possible for a console that not only plays games, but has full access to various types of media, the internet and TV. It's not flawless, however, something that some fans of the system have taken to heart, producing their own takes on what the XMB should look like...

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Blackcanary3199d ago

i like the idea of having to be able to see a pic of ur avatar that tills people what u are doing that's one thing i really like about the 360 that ur avatar appears on the screen.

Bgibbs3199d ago

Sony needs to hire this guy, they also need to let us upload custom avatar pictures already

Immortal3213199d ago

I guess I can't rush perfection huh?

Carl14123199d ago

Seriously awesome ideas here, these would make the XMB much better and easier to use. More people would use Home aswell - many already use it but still. More people using it would mean more ad revenue for Sony

Megaton3199d ago

I've been seeing amazing XMB concepts for years now, and Sony never listens. It's a real shame.

PoSTedUP3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

if a message pops up in the middle of the screen while you are playing a game... fail.
and i see why you have to scroll to read it= if your playing online... your not gunna wanna read it right away OBVIOULSLY, and if you dont feel like reading it right that second BECAUSE YOUR IN THE MIDDLE OF DOING SOMETHING IN THE GAME MAYBE, so id rather not... imo

thats the only thing i dissagree about, everytihng else is a great idea, good article, 9.5/10! : )

Trollimite3199d ago

but that first one is a headache in the making. imagine playing a game when suddenly that huge message pops on screen.

not practical at all!!!

InfectedDK3199d ago

Well there could simply be a small icon in the upper right of the screen for some few seconds and then if you press the PS button you see the message on screen that will send you further if the PS button is pressed again.. Doesn't take that long to figure out something.. Lol..

Btw. I have seen great examples over the years now and yes Sony should use some of them to optimize PSN even more.

PoSTedUP3199d ago

yeah i was thinking something more like that, so you have a choice wehther your in the mood -or are able- to read it then. most of the time, when i get a game invite, i always need to wait till i get to a check point to save something before i go to the next game.

the xmb is really good for how old it is, could use improvements thought, it has come so far from ps3 release.

well.. off to play some army of two 40th.

vhero3199d ago

upgrading the XMB is fine but doing it without using more RAM and taking it away from games thus slowing games down? very difficult...

yesah3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

doing the home thing will increase memory needed, which sony has to pay for, just to have some stupid picture of your home avatar which most people dont use.

other people have said why the message poping up in the midle of the screen is dumb.

it would be nice to have more features/look better but it has to be practical for sony to.

@ 1.1 they don't allow it because many people would upload porn.

WildArmed3199d ago

Concepts are very cool, but not so easy to implement.

I think the system works great as it is atm.
Because this doesn't really add anything to the PS experience. But a welcome addition.

mushroomwig3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Why would Sony want to hire him? All he's done is made a few pretty pictures using Photoshop, somewhat different from being able to actually code a firmware update.

I'll admit that he's done an awesome job but anyone with a skill at Photoshop could make something that looks good, the real job is knowing how to code and getting it to work correctly without any bugs.

C_SoL3199d ago

that Sony doesn't listen to it's users.

I've seen various articles of the redesigning of the XMB and yet Sony seems not to care...

I'll I'm trying to say to is whoever is taking there time to make this should really make an effort to stick it to Sonys face.

Also are Home avatars should have always been synced with our PSN profiles and Sony doesn't do a thing.

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Doc Sony3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Do I know this dude ?

I could have sworn I had a Caemgen in my friends list.

Also, I want when I get a trophy and hit the home button during the notification of said trophy it automatically takes me to that trophy on my list.

Thats the one thing 360 has over PS3 IMO.

iPad3199d ago

That would be really sick.

This is what I think SONY should do.

When you upgrade to PSN Premium Service, your in-game XMB changes to his. Now THAT would easily destroy XBL.

thrust3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

lol,rofl,pmsl so funny!

and isnt that what XBL like now even more funny.

simplyRealistic183199d ago

beside te fact microsoft copied the XMB and name it NXE, they just change the way you navigate instead of horizontal main menu and vertical sub menu. NXE just do it the opposite way

this would be cool and i hope sony look into this but i hate when people say that sony should copy NXE when the NXE is just a copied advertisement filled version of the XMB that won a award

thrust3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

sure thing mate, you keep telling yourself that one lol

@below , hahahaha wake up mate, you must not have had both consoles only a fool or a bias fanboy would say stupid stuff like that.

zeeshan3199d ago

@above: No, keep telling that to YOURSELF.

PirateThom3199d ago

NXE is just XMB flipped on its side


Because XMB is the most intuitive and easy to use interface in a long time, it's won awards for precisely that. Sony have it integraded into other devices it's that good.





That's literally the difference.

GiantEnemyCrab3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Some of you guys are so funny...

I switch between the 2 daily and I am always looking for certain features on the XMB. If you think the XMB is better than NXE that is your personal opinion but feature for feature the NXE beats it on paper. Most of these ideas are already in NXE(as Thrust pointed out).

And the NXE is in NO WAY a rip off of the XMB. It's actually based on the Windows Media Center interface which pre-dates any Sony XMB. So where did Sony get the XMB inspiration again?

Winning awards means nothing the NXE has won awards, XBL has won an Emmy.. Neither need to destroy each other and they both work good for each system.

Love some of these concepts.

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Bush3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

I wish Sony would listen to some of their fans some of the best ideas and improvments come from the fans. I like the invite system but not when its in the middle of a screen during a game your playing I would go bottom center like Xbox does for XBL. Everything else looks great behind the concepts. The only other thing that needs work is Trophies when i want to know what the trophy is it has to SYNC i would loose the Sync system when it comes to the trophies

PirateThom3199d ago

The thing about concepts is that Photoshop doesn't take system memory into consideration, while Sony does.

Sure, they could slap together these concepts because everyone wants them, then deal with more complaints when the games and XMB grind to a halt.

simplyRealistic183199d ago

finally and intelligent reply i agree with

NotSoSilentBob3199d ago

I have been saying that for awhile now. Go get the SDK for the XMB and Code it into the OS. Then show Sony what you did and they might listen. The system they have now works fine and anyone who says otherwise needs to actually play on the PS3 and not just Rag on it.

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