Buyer's Discount, God of War III Sale Code Giveaway

DualShockers writes, "Lately we have been seeing a lot of good deals for sellers in the used games market, mainly from GameStop and GameFly. Now its time for the used games buyer's market to get a deal. With this coupon sent to subscribers of The GameStop E-mail Newsletter, gamers who purchased a new copy of God of War III will be entitled to 25% off their next pre-owned game purchase. When God of War III releases DualShockers will give away a spare sale code. If you didn't receive one yet, hit read on to participate in the giveaway of this code!..."

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Ninferno3200d ago

gamestop deals!! woohoo!

Hitman07693200d ago

lol plz plz contain ur excitement my good man!

WildArmed3199d ago

veeerryy niiice.

I guess I'll have to pick up Heavy Rain now.. or should I pick up Batman Ark with GoW3 ofc?

Hitman07693199d ago

@skv007 Well, if you don't already have Final Fantasy XIII or Yakuza 3 you could always pick one of those up! :)

Hitman07693200d ago

Who wants the code? It's up for grabs guys.

IG_DARKSA1NT3199d ago

Gamestop is kicking ass lately.

rezzah3198d ago

always hate that its always only the states, canada right next door and we love games too.

Briefcase Joe3198d ago

Sign up for Gamestop's newsletters. You'll get this in your inbox. No need to give this site hits.

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